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Pousada Amazonas

Pousada Amazonas

Peacock Bass Expedition in the Amazon River and its Tributaries

Located just fifteen minutes from the fishing spot, Pousada Amazonas Lodge is just perfectly integrated in the Amazon Jungle. 

The Juma River encompasses a remote and relatively untouched region in the Amazon River. Fly fishing can be a pretty exciting and adventurous experience.

The Amazon is filled with thousands of different species of fish, many of which you may have never heard of and may never find anywhere else in the world. 




In north-western Brazil, the Juma river and its tributaries present stream of clear, almost transparent water with no incidence of aquatic insects.

Juma River is located 62 miles (100 km) southeast of Manaus in a fully preserved area of 17,300 acres (7.000 hectares). Even though it’s got an easy access, it remains a remote and unspoilt area.

Besides its great location, Juma River is a popular destination for those who enjoy adventure and seek to explore the wildlife. The waters run slow and the river is as calm and nice to enjoy as a big lake. A unique environment that provides contact with a rich ecosystem and a preserved biodiversity.

The Juma River, the Maçarico Lake, the Tracajá Lake, the Paraná do Mamorí, and the Alto Juma are home of great species, like Peacock Bass, Tambaqui and majestic Arapaima Gigas, well-known by its indigenous name, the Giant Pirarucú. 


General Information

Combining excellent service and great fishing, we will make sure to cater your desires. We invite you to connect with nature and participate in this unique fly fishing experience.

Any true angler that has never fished in this area must definitely put it into their bucket list. Nowadays, this region has a great level of environmental awareness which helps preserve the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Our guides are expert and skilled fishermen, who also work hard to protect the natural reservations. What is more, the water police is responsible for the protection of the magnificent peacock. All the fishing here is catch and release. 



Pousada Amazonas Lodge is a comfortable and cozy lodge situated on the banks of the river.

Situated just 15 minutes from the fishing spot, Pousada Amazonas offers great accommodations and facilities. 

At lunchtime, it will depend on our guests’ preferences and willingness either to stop for lunch near the river or to go back to the lodge, have a delicious lunch and then after siesta, go fishing again. This would be up to our guests, flexibility is paramount to us.  


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The fishing

As for the species, the Amazon River and its tributaries are full of different and unique fish. Our primary target is the Peacock Bass, but you may also fish Pacas and Popocas.

For those who enjoy heavy fishing, the Venice River and the Madeirinha River offers colorful Pirararas, brave Surubins and, if lucky, the great Arapaimas. This region in particular is full of these Amazonian giant. All fishery here is carried out with artificial baits.

As regards the hours of fishing, you will be able to fish as much as 12 hours. In general, we go fishing from dawn to dusk. We start very early in the morning, and at 6 or 6.30 in the afternoon we go back to the lodge. 

This special trip consists of 5 days fishing in pairs, using aluminum boat with 40 HP motor, electric motor, new battery 100 amperes, padded armchairs with expert guides. 

Peacock Bass:

Peacock bass belong to the Cichlids group. This is the most highly evolved group of fishes in the world. All around the globe we find hundreds of species representing some of the most diverse fish groups in the rivers and oceans. Peacock bass have evolved in the most efficient predators of the group and the mostly on other fish. Their ferocity, their strength, their speed, and their notable size in the Amazon basin enables them to predate on almost every other species there. Their enormous bucket-mouth can engulf a surprisingly large prey, making almost anything smaller than them a good candidate for supper, quite like a largemouth bass on steroids. 


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Gear and Equipment

  • Fishing with artificial baits: 

Equipment between 20 to 25 pounds, compatible reels, artificial surface baits, sub-surface and half water baits. Jigs and multi-lines between 50 and 65 pounds complete our arsenal. 

  • Fly Fishing:

When it comes to fly fishing, we recommend equipment #8 to #10 and compatible reels. Floating and intermediate lines. Both models in tropical lines (to withstand the high temperatures of the region).

The best flies are streamers tied in 1/0 to 3/0 hooks, in light colors combined with details in red, orange, chartreuse, green, yellow and pink. Lotto flash completes our dream fly! Do not forget to bring some divers and poopers.

(Flies available at the lodge)

  • Bait Fishing:

We will bait fish species such as pirarara, surubin and pirarucu. For this aim, we will use equipment between 100 and 200 pounds of resistance. Hooks between sizes 10/0 and 14/0, encased in steel between 75 and 90 pounds, and 5/0 swivels are the most effective. Lead between 50 and 100 gr.


Recommended clothing

When heading to an equatorial location,you should protect yourself from the sun, at least with 30 waterproof SPF, applied to all exposed skin. Following is a checklist of gear, clothes, etc, that clients have found helpful in the past.

Fishing Shirts (quick drying). Long sleeve and short sleeve.

Polarized Sunglasses 

Pair of sun fly fishing gloves

Cotton T-shirts or dry fit

Waterproof Sunscreen 50 SPF

Comfortable dry fit pants for wading

Waterproof Boxers or under wears tight whiteys

Neck protection

Shorts, quick dry wading style with brief.

Socks for fishing and non-fishing

Hats or caps

Breathable Light Weight Rain Jacket (Simms could be a good option)

Waterproof Belt for your shorts and pants.

Casual shoes, sandals or flip-flops




Please contact us for more program details and information

Day 1- Saturday - flight from your home city to Manaus - AM. 

Overnight in Manaus at the Millennium Hotel

*ACCOMMODATIONS INCLUDED (Saturday night and Sunday morning) 

Van available for our guests to make a tour to the theater and the Manaus fish market. (Non-included)

Day 2- Sunday - After lunch, we begin the transfer in minivan to port, after crossing the Amazon River to Careiro, transfer in micro bus to Port Maçarico and 15 min of navigation in speedboat to the inn. 

Estimated trip in 3 to 4 hours to the inn.



Day 3 to 7- Monday to Friday – 5 full days of fishing. 

Day 8- Saturday After breakfast, return to Manaus. Estimated time of arrival at Manaus airport: before noon.

IMPORTANT: We suggest buying flight return ticket to your home city after 14:00. 



- Transfers in Manaus: from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to Ceasa and from Ceasa to the airport of your return

- Accommodations on the night of entry in a 4 star hotel on a double basis

- Transfer by speedboat from Ceasa to Careiro, and return.

- Transfer by micro bus, Careiro-Porto Maçarico and return. Approximate distance 130 km. Paved road in good condition. The last 14 km dirt road.

- 5 full days of fishing in pairs, using aluminum boat with 40 HP motor, electric motor, new battery 100 amperes, padded armchairs and guide.

- Accommodations on a double or triple basis at Pousada Amazonas Lodge. 5 star lodge with a large social area and another in natural environment, cabins with air conditioning, minibar and electric shower.

- All feeds during the fishing week including drinks (beer, soft drinks, mineral water) totally without limits.

- Snacks.

- Room service and laundry.


- Flights to Manaus

- Meals/Drinks 

- Gratuities

- Distilled and fermented drinks type (whisky, vodka and wines). 

- Fishing equipment 

- Phone call



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