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Colombia is fast becoming the world's most sought-after adventure destination


You can fish for Peacock bass from Florida to Brazil, from Panama to Singapore, but until recently it was almost impossible to chase the fish in Colombia, even though the country’s rivers are teeming with them. For decades, the Eastern half of the nation, a spiderweb of streams tumbling down from the Andes to the Orinoco and Amazon rivers, remained unexploited. 

Now, the outer regions are opening up to locals and tourists alike, who are flocking to the country in record numbers. Travelers are now exploring untouched seaside villages, birding and hiking trails in jungles that are among the most biodiverse on the planet. 

In the flatlands, or llanos, part of what’s drawing travelers is the pristine rivers.



General Information

Season: January 6th - March 31st 

Capacity: 6 - 8 anglers



February 2020

Day 1: arrival to Bogota

Day 2: Bogota > Puerto Carreno > Camp

Day 3 - 7: full fishing days

Day 8: half fishing day > Puerto Carreno

Day 9: Puerto Carreno > Bogota

Day 10: Bogota > home


The Fishing

The Orinoco camp is located on the part of the Orinoco with the most rapids. The natural beauty is unrivaled, and the pull of a land-based 20+ pound payara in strong currents is also without equal.

The amount of fish and low pressures means the fishing here is world class. You can expect to run into big payara, sardinata and bicuda. 3 rapid systems can be fished from this camp, as well as the mouth of the Tomo river. 

After the two days of payara fishing, you will head up the Tuparro river to access the Peacock waters and change camps. You will transverse the beautiful rapids of the Tuparro river, where you will need to walk 150 meters. Then the crew will drag the boats through 40 meters of dangerous but beautiful rapids.

We will be entering the Tuparro National park, with over 500,000 hectares of prime wilderness. We will reach the Tuparro camp where we will be spending the next 4 nights. The time spent in the Tuparro will be under the protection of the local autonomous Sikuani natives.


The Species

There are 7 different species


Cichla temensis 

The largest cichla in the world, characterized by its aggressive nature and amazing look.



Cichla Orinocensis

Very strong game fish reaching close to 15 pounds. Pound per pound stronger than its larger cousin the Speckled Peacock bass: the Orinoco Peacock bass inhabits the Orinoco and Rio Negro basins.



Hydrolycus Armatus

A perfectly designed sport fish, they have speed, power, stamina, jumping ability and the meanest set of teeth in the animal kingdom.



Brycon Amazonicus 

Caño Bocón is named after this species. Eagerly taking artificial lures and flies, Matrinxa are a perfect light tackle target.



Incredibly beautiful fish resembling super sardines and fighting similar to tarpon, these fish can grow to 25 pounds and are specially abundant in this section of the Guaviare River.



Piaractus brachypomus 

In the seed dispenser of the Orinoco river, these strong fish feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, fish, lizards, frogs and everything else they can get. 



Pseudoplatystoma Faciatum

Characterized by its distinctive stripes, these fish readily take cut and live bait, and every now and then, flies and lures.


The Amazon Experience

- Live with the Puinave Indians in a comfortable camp setup.

- Wake up to flocks of macaws over an absolutely perfect sunrise.

- Accompany our local guides on traditional hunts or gathering fruit and seeds from the jungle.

- Lets us show you what makes this part of the world so special.

The Amazon is the most biodiverse region in the planet. The entire river is a protected area with pristine rainforest. Expect to run into wildlife during your stay including many iconic species like the Amazon river dolphin, tarpirs, the green anaconda, giant otters, and the elusive jaguar. 



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