Strobel Lake Lodge

Strobel Lake Lodge

The Strobel lake is probably the best place for rainbow trout fishing in the world.


It is not only the size of the trout, nor the quantity, but also for its consistent fishing throughout the season which makes it even more impressive.

With an exclusive and privileged space in the Lake, the Jurassic Lake camp is located in a unique fishing area, near theBarrancoso river (the only one in this system) and 100 meters away from the Strobel Lake allowing our guests not only to fish in the immense lake, but also to explore the beautyof theBarrancoso river, with a small to medium flow but with enormous trout who will surface at the passing of a dry fly.

Photos by Diego Coscia, Julian Escalada and Martin Ruiz



Location Strobel Lake Lodge

General Information

Located in the center of the Province of Santa Cruz and in a volcanic plateau at 1000 meters of altitude, it stands out for its 65 km2 of surface. It is an oasis far away from civilization and in the middle of the vast Patagonia. It takes approximately 5-6 hours driving from Calafate to the camp The drive is through the wildest stretches of Patagonia and offers many chances to see and take photos of all wild animals and beautiful nature, and with a bit of luck you might even see a wild puma. But be warned this is a tough trip and the roads are some of the worst on the planet. While on our trip to explore the area we were all beat up and ready to never get back in a truck again. By the end of our journey the trip out was forgotten among the memories of this amazing place and its Jurassic Rainbow.


Peak season on Jurassic Lake is from Nov 2  to Dec 21, 2013 and from March 15 until April 19, 2014. During this time, anglers who put in the time could land 75-100 fish a day.  Low season is from January 4 to March 15, 2014.   During these mid summer months, many of the fish move out to the deeper water and anglers may catch 40-50 fish per day.  During the summer, the wind sometimes pushes colder water to the bay resulting in peak season like fishing.   For most trout anglers, the worst day at Jurassic Lake will be the best fishing day of their lives.


Luxury and comfort.

The facilities include a comfortable lodge consisting of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living/dining room with electricity (220V), heating and hot water.


Our Meals

Strobel Lake has an excellent cuisine in charge of our exclusive chef, whose dishes are always accompanied by the best wines of all wine regions in Argentina.

The day begins with a delicious breakfast which includes coffee, tea, fruit juices, regional cheeses, yogurt, ham, toasts, bacon, homemade bread, honey, fresh fruits and more.

Lunch varies depending on the fishing location, from trout to all kind of meats with salad, fresh cheeses, cold meats and the best Malbec wines.

After a full fishing day, dinner is served at the lodge when the guests arrive. You will enjoy excellent barbecues or asados with delicious desserts prepared by our chef.

The Fishing

Fish are agressive and surprising.

Along the Barrancoso River you can find different fishing pools of deep and shallow water and many slides where fish are aggressive and surprising with quite a violent bite! In the lake, trout also demonstrate their voracity by strong bites at high speed while providing a strong and acrobatic fight from beginning to end.

The Barancuso River is the only river entering Lago Strobel.  This shallow, rocky creek is only 15 feet wide in some parts, and trout could be between to 12 to 15lbs.  The river normally has water from October till January.  However, whenever the river has enough water to support fish, either due to spring run off or precipitation, these Rainbows will run up and spawn.  The lower section of the river has the best fish and it runs along private property controlled by the River Camp.  Anglers are not allowed to fish this section.

Photos by Diego Coscia, Julian Escalada and Martin Ruiz

Gear and Equipment


We have found streamer patterns (zonkers, buggers, muddlers, ect.) to be the most effective thus far, with black, purple, red, white and yellow all working fine.  The real secret is to have several different patterns and a lot of each.  Sizes from 2 – 8 work fine, with a sizes 4-6 being the most common.  Use strong hooks only. Bring along some scud patterns for sight fishing and an assortment of dry flies and nymphs as well. When theres no wind small black wet or dry flies 10-12, just hanging out there, will do the job!

Wooly Bugger, Egg Sucking Leech, Purple Rabbit, Bomber, Irresistible Wulff

Rods & Lines for the lake: 

When weather permits, used 9’ #5 rods with floating lines, dries and nymphs with big success. Real fun, not easy to land them though. In normal windy conditions use a 9’ for line #7 or #8 with floating line. For the corner at the Peninsula fishing the deep water, bring a sinking line.

Rods & Lines for the stream:

For the small stream and 9’ #5 rod with a floating line is perfect.

Traveling Here

Most international flights leave the US in the evening and land in Buenos Aires (EZE) the following morning. Delta (stop in Atlanta), United (non-stop, the fastest flight of 10 hours), American (connection in Miami) offer daily flights. Also check LAN flights but make sure that the connection is in Miami and not in Santiago de Chile because it takes longer. Prices vary from USD 1500 to USD 1800.

Once you arrive in Buenos Aires (EZE), take a domestic flight to El Calafate. You have two options: LAN or Aerolineas. Both airlines offer dayly flights to El Calafate but we recommend the latter, as this is the only airline offering non-stop flights. 

NOTE: In case your domestic flights departs from Newbery Airport (AEP), make sure that you have plenty of time (at least 3 hours) in between flights once you reach Buenos Aires. You will have to clear customs and take a trip by taxi or private car to the domestic airport. This trip usually takes 30 minutes but depending on traffic, it can take one hour. (We can arrange this transfer for you).

Someone from our staff will be waiting for you at El Calafate airport and we will drive you in our 4x4 pick ups to the lodge. The drive is about 4 hours.

*Our company organize private ground tranfers and hotel reservations in Buenos Aires City in case you will need/request it.

Reciprocity Fee´s Policy

Important change to the Reciprocity Fee´s policy for American, Canadian and Australian passport holders visiting Argentina

A valid passport is required for U.S. citizens to enter Argentina. U.S. citizens do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days for tourism or business. The reciprocity fee still apllies to Australian and Canadian passport holders.


Rand Kaplan My experience at Lago Strobel

I fished at your wonderful camp at Lago Strobel last week with Pollo and Julian. I am writing to share my impressions of your operation. I have fly fished for 50 years and enjoyed many cool destinations. In a world of declining fisheries Lago Strobel was the best fishing I ve ever experienced. In March. Your staff was great. It is obvious they enjoy their jobs and one another. Quite often at lodges employees are complaining about one thing or another. Your staff is like a band of brothers. All pitching in to offer what I believe to be the greatest fly fishing experience on the planet. The photos your guides took are world class. The food was great. Good beds. Good wine. Cheers to you for giving me a destination to be so excited about. Steelheading is going to be tough after Strobel. 


Rand Kaplan 

Eugene Oregon, USA

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