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About Us

The Company

We are fly-fishing outfitters with more than a dozen years in the business. We offer a different perspective on fly fishing desires. We are behind a most personalized fishing service because we understand that every group of guests looks for a special type of fishing program and accommodation.

Our focus is to offer fishermen the type of experience they are looking for, in terms of fishing and accommodation. We work every day to satisfy the needs of sophisticated and luxurious fishing trips, as well as of small private groups of friends seeking a mid-rate lodge; and of larger groups of fishermen planning to stay in a comfortable modern Lodge.

Our goal is to make every guest feel they are in the best fly fishing trip they could imagine.


Our mission is to deliver the trip of a life time with lodging and fishing experience that exceeds your expectations.

Our Team

Our Pointer Fly Fishing trips are aimed at all possible guests and clients. We make sure we offer the right option for the right group. We know what it takes for our clients to have a one of a kind experience; it is all about details and team attitude as well as experience.

Along the years, we have learned that happy clients remember the name of their waitresses, the name of their field assistants, or they keep in touch with their guide, plan new trips and dream about them.

We would like to offer our clients and guest different fly fishing options, and also be sure we offer you the cast & blast option, such as wingshooting or big game hunting. We operate some fishing lodges ourselves but we have also associated with top companies in the field so as to offer many other improved programs.

Our Company works close by with agents and fishing consultants because they add a great value to your fishing trips.When we talk about staff, we always request our crew to think and work in terms of a team, and to make everybody feel this is team work. We have the best people and the most professional guides of the fishing business. The way our team works together makes it a unique experience for our visitors.

Concierge Service

At Pointer Fly Fishing we offer all our guests the option to receive our advice on logistics and hotel recommendations and reservations. Our company and travel agents are the key persons for connections, time lines, and all ground transportation. By way of example, imagine how nice it would be to arrive at a foreign country and to have somebody waiting for you at the airport that drives you to your Lodge or Hotel. This should be a hassle free trip for you.

We also organize special private flights to connect some of our programs. Feel free to check rates and be more comfortable about your final decision.
At Pointer we help all our guests with all different kinds of trip related tasks, such as making restaurant reservations, recommending sites to visit, and booking spa appointments, shows, and other activities.

Meet our team

Pablo Aguiló CEO & Director Juan Aguiló Media & Communication
Wayne Graham US Representative Federico Silva Manager
Ercilia Delprato Sales Manager Victoria Fallotico Administrative Manager
Silvia Martin Hostess and Special City Tours Cecilia Centeno Travel and Leisure Department
Derek Shepherd UK Representative Larry Ramming Board of Directors
David Wampler Board of Directors Jason Douglas US Communications
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