Argentina is very well known for its wingshooting options, but it is also well know for the quality and quantity of fly fishing.


From the sea run brown trout in south Patagonia, to the nice rainbows in little creeks in northern Patagonia, to the amazing Golden Dorado in the north of the country.

Argentina Golden Dorado is a rare game fish known for its unique beauty, ferocious fighting, explosive runs and tarpon-like acrobatics.  Though the fish has been famous among South American anglers for quite some time, very few outsiders had even heard of the Golden Dorado - let alone fished for them.  In the last 10 years, however, the Dorados reputation as one of the worlds best freshwater fighters went global.  Today, adventurous anglers from around the world are flocking to South America in pursuit of this magnificent game fish.





Santa Fe Province, close to Parana River

The Estancia is located in the north of Santa Fe province. It is one of the best options for duck hunting in Argentina. The hunt is on the marshlands and islands of Parana River. The driving time from the airport to the lodge is one hour and thirty minutes. For those guests flying private charters, landing takes place 40 minutes far from the lodge. 

There are daily direct overnight flights from many U.S. cities to Buenos Aires airport, with 3 daily connecting flights to Santa Fe. The duration of a commercial flight from Buenos Aires to Santa Fe is 1:10 hs. Important: when you land in EZE International Airport in Buenos Aires, you will need to change to Aeroparque Airport to fly to Santa Fe, since Aeroparque is the airport that operates domestic flights.


Spacious and comfortable.

Nice Estancia built in the 19th Century style, with spacious rooms and private bathrooms.

The Estancia has a comfortable living room with LED TV and WiFi access. Just by San Javier River, you will feel a unique experience in a special place.

-8 double/single standard rooms; each with private bathroom.

-Dining room, sitting room, bar, and swimming pool.

-Massage service

-Internet access and TV

-Argentinean meals, famed beef and fine wines, traditional “asados”, and delicious desserts.

-Maid and laundry service

-Gift shop, logo wear and accessories

-Gun rental semiautomatic 20 gauges. Special request for O/U and other gauges 

-Professional hunting guides and field assistants

-Comfortable vehicles and boats.


Our Meals

Our menu was designed to include the most popular meals that we normally request in any restaurant in the country. We wish to delight our guests with special meal every day. We also developed special appetizers for the evenings and we always have duck, perdiz and some dove breast grilled with onion and bacon in our menu. Our Chefs work passionately every day to satisfy all our guests. We have delicious local desserts for every meal, and you will enjoy our famous sweet milk caramel or “dulce de leche” in some of our specials.

Great breakfast with eggs and bacon. “Asados” (BBQ), and special requests available. Wine is special every night and, as a suggestion; do not go home without trying mate, the special Gaucho tea.

The Fishing

The Most effective flies comprehend Clouser Deep Minnows, Andino Deceiver, Lefty´s Deceiver, Poppers and other minnow-imitating flies. Equipments used range from #6 to #10, depending on the size of the average fishstock. This fish usually takes flies both on surface and sub-surface. It is commmon the use of Intermediate and Sinking-Tip fly lines in places with fast current, preferred by this species.

The fly must be worked with long, slow pulls. The Dorado though being an avid hunter, also is a lazy chaser. So, if the fly moves too fast or with short, fast movements the Dorado can just skip attacking.

Flies tied for dorado usually contain lots of flash. This fish likes shiny, colorful flies or black ones when the water is muddy or turbid. Due to the Dorado´s very sharp teeth, it is highly recommended that the angler use a steel wire or some fluorocarbon monofilament bite tippet, to avoid losing the fish and the fly.

There are other species in the Paraná River such as; Pacu (Piaractus Mesopotamicus), Pira Pita (Brycon Orbignanus), Surubi (Platistoma Fasciatum) and the main source of food for the Dorado, Bogas (which is similar to the American Carp).

Gear and Equipment


We recommend #6/7/8/9 fast action rods, so big streamers with lead eyes don´t boder your casting.


The reel has to have a good brake. The backing should be well loaded (150 yards of 20 pounds), large arbor if possible.


You will need tropical fly lines for saltwater. We advise to bring one clear/sinking tip and one floating line.

We will use 9 feet leaders that would finish in a diameter no smaller than 20/30 Lb. resistance.

Dorado flies are big streamers tied in #1/0 al #5/0 hooks. Every fly will be tied on a stainless steel knottable leader of not less than 8 inches long and 15 to 30 Lb. test strength.


You will need average two dozen dorado flies in various patterns for your trip; but we are able to provide you with the right fly fishing flies. it is important to have a bunch of flies with heavy lead eyes, some medium weight flies with bead chain eyes. Sizes should be mostly #3/0’s with a few #4/0’s and a few smaller #2’s. Flies should be darker patterns and combination with black, and also need some very light or white patterns for white sand flats.Some of the best patterns are streamers tied with muddler head and well loaded of. 

Traveling Here

Most international flights leave the US in the evening and land in Buenos Aires (EZE) the following morning. Delta (stop in Atlanta), United (non-stop, the fastest flight of 10 hours), American (connection in Miami or Dallas) offer daily flights. Also check LAN flights but make sure that the connection is in Miami and not in Santiago de Chile because it takes longer. Prices vary from USD 1500 to USD 1800.

Once you arrive in Buenos Aires (EZE), take a domestic flight to Santa Fe City with aerolineas argentina or Sol Airlines. From Santa Fe will be 2,3 hours drive with our host/guide.

Another option will be a private charter flight to san Justo City and then 45 minutes drive.

NOTE: Make sure that you have plenty of time (at least 3 to 4 hours) in between flights once you reach Buenos Aires in between Ezeiza International airport and Aeroparque Local airport. You will have to clear customs and take a trip by taxi or private car to the domestic airport. This trip usually takes 30/50 minutes but depending on traffic, it can take one hour.*

*Our company organize private ground tranfers and hotel reservations in Buenos Aires City in case you will need/request it.

There will be always someone from our staff waiting for you at the airport and we will drive you to the lodge. 

Recommended Clothing

Fishing Shirts (quick drying). Long sleeve and short sleeve.

Dry fit T-shirts. Long sleeve and short sleeve.

Polarized Sunglasses 

Fly fishing Sungloves

Dry fit T-shirts. Long sleeve and short sleeve.

Large tube Waterproof Sunscreen 50 UPF

Insect repellent

Comfortable quick dry pants for wading

Waterproof Boxers or under wears tight whiteys

Neck protection

Shorts, quick dry wading style with brief.

Socks for fishing and non fishing

Hats or caps

Breathable Light Weight Rain Jacket (Gore- Tex could be a good option)

Waterproof Belt for your shorts and pants.

Wading and boat Shoes 

Casual shoes, sandals or flip-flops 

Cast & Blast


From September to April, we recommend our guests to take a week off and enjoy a cast and blast combo. If you are travelling to South America, a combination of dove shooting and fly fishing constitutes a great program.

You should consider this as a great option, and we recommend you to contact us to customize this program depending on the time of the year you visit us and the fly fishing skills of all guest. Some options require having experience in fly fishing casting techniques and some other options are friendlier for beginners or inexperienced fly fishers.

Reciprocity Fee´s Policy

Important change to the Reciprocity Fee s policy for American, Canadian and Australian passport holders visiting Argentina.

A valid passport is required for U.S. citizens to enter Argentina. U.S. citizens do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days for tourism or business. The reciprocity fee still apllies to Australian and Canadian passport holders.


Our company offers you the best customer service without any additional cost, we are always able to answer questions about your trip or any other concern. Do not accept less than top notch service, at Pointer we are always willing to make your experience unforgettable.

And this is very important: By purchasing your trip through us, you are elegible to get extra gift and rewards, like a voucher open for 3 years for 50% off in your accommodations on your next Fly Fishing trip to Argentina in one of our lodges, you can choose between Trout in Northern Patagonia or Golden Dorado in the Paraná river.

Also, you could get a voucher open for 3 years for 100% off accommodations on your next Dove Hunting in Argentina staying in one of our wonderful Lodges.


In order to make the most of your stay here in this beautiful country, partnered with Beagle Tours, our sister company with amazing professionals that will be very happy to assist you if you are interested in doing some kind of non-fishing activity in Argentina.

Our focus is to offer our guests the type of travel experience they wish in terms of hotel accommodation, activities and city tours. 

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