Enjoy the best bonefish fly fishing in the Bahamas and Cuba!


“The best thing about Bonefish is that it is a combination of hunting and fishing”

The Caribbean is the chosen destination for those anglers who want to experience this magnificent adventure.

Bonefish are considered to be among the world’s premiere fly fishing game. They are mainly caught for sport and not commonly eaten.

The bonefish (Albula Vulpes) is a type of species of the bonefish family. Bonefish can weigh up to 6 kg (19 lb) and measure up to 90 cm long (35 in). Regarding appearance, they are silvery, with a torpedo-shaped body and conical snout; which makes them perfectly camouflaged for their environment.




Bonefish are mostly found in the shallows – typically, between one and four feet of water. They tend to blend in with their surroundings and often all you can see is their shadow. They mostly travel in small schools patrolling grass beds and sand flats. Although most of them are found in shallow waters, larger fish tend to be found deeper.


Bonefish feed on small crabs, shrimps, smaller fish, clams, and crustaceans. They typically find their food on the seabed.

The Fishing

Enjoy the best bonefish fishing in the Bahamas and Cuba

What makes this particular fly fishing experience exciting is the fact that this fish is immensely strong and quick. The reason behind their speed is it is their main defense utilized when escaping predators. They are always alert, and spook easily, making any pursuit very challenging. This fish is also said to be the strongest and fastest moving of any saltwater fish. The fight is similar to a redfish found in bodies of saltwater throughout the United States.

The Bonefish must never be fought with extreme force, since this could break the line. The fisherman must control the fight and tire, but not exhaust the fish so he can be released unharmed.

Gear and Equipment


Definitely an 8 weight, hopefully a 10 weight, maybe a 7 weight and a 9 weight.


Mostly #2, mostly bead chain, Rubberleg Gotchas, Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp, Peterson Spawning Shrimp ideally.


We fish only floating lines for bonefish.  Since we fish big flies, and presenting the fly quickly is important, we prefer lines with a short front taper, like the Rio Tropical Clouser and the Bruce Chard Teeny Bonefish Line.


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