The Nubian Flats Liveaboard is not merely another fishing trip, offering the adventurous angler the opportunity to experience a setting and culture like no other. The backdrop of the stark Nubian Desert combined with the extremely friendly Sudanese and th




-Sudan, Northeast Africa. 



The mothership provides high comfort , thanks to good of layout of interior and exterior spaces . There are 7 double cabins , 4 showers and five flush toilets

Meals are served in the top saloon area.

100ft boat – private en suite cabins

For many years we have been eager to upgrade the level of live aboard boat to a more comfortable option, and at the same time improve the level of service and meals from the crew.

This trip will have the excitement of exploring new areas, while the comfort that comes with a good boat.

Sample itinerary

DAY 1: Friday

Arrive in Port Sudan. Clear customs, and transfer directly

to the yacht. TOUR STARTS
DAY 2 - 7 : Saturday to Thursday(6 Days Fishing)

The following 6 full days you have the opportunity to engage
yourself in the numerous fishing activities which this unique
venue has to offer, under the wat chful and experienced eye of

your 2 professional guides
DAY 8: Friday
Depart Port Sudan

The fishing

Flats Species
During our 2 year exploratory process we found many of the iconic flats species. Triggerfish, both yellow margined and titan, dominate the fishing on the flats. On top of these there are opportunities at GT’s, Bluefin and Bohar. There are also decent numbers of Permit and bonefish, and although unpredictable, there are shots at these fish each week.

Trevally & Dogtooth Tuna
GT’s and bluefin are found both on the flats and the flat edges. Each week some really spectacular fish are taking walking both the flats and the flat edges. On the flat edges a very productive method is teasing with a hookless plug. This fishing is high paced, very visual and extremely exciting. There are vast numbers of Doggies a short way off shore. In some instances doggies have been teased in and hooked, while the fly fisherman stands on
Terre firma.

Grouper & Snapper
The Nubian flats produces some incredible bohar snapper, both in size and number. There are a variety of grouper species on the flat edges and offshore, all exciting fly rod targets.

These trips will be focused on the vast flats on the mainland as well as some small islands off the coast of Sudan. On the flats one can expect to encounter vast numbers of triggerfish, but be warned - although there are incredible numbers of triggers they are still tricky to catch. There are also consistent opportunities at big GTs, barracuda, bohar, mangrove snapper and Milkfish on the flats. Although unpredictable and tricky, there are chances every week at bonefish and permit.
The blue water and flat edges have the potential for producing exceptional catches of GTs, dogtooth tuna, bluefin, barracuda, bohar and grouper species. This fishing can be extremely exciting and high paced.

Gear and equipment


Fast action 9wt & 12 wt rods - Four piece for travelling | Bring one spare of each.

You need a great casting rod, but also a superb pulling rod for GT’s in the surf here.

The ECHO EPR and ECHO Prime rods are ideal.



Large arbor direct drive with solid drag.

Shilton SL 6 is perfect for your 9 wht and Shilton SL7 is ideal for a 12 wt.

Shilton SL6 must be loaded with at least 300 meters of 40lb backing.

Shilton SL7 must be loaded with at least 300 meters of 80lb backing.

Flylines (tropical)

Scientific Anglers Mastery Bonefish WF9F - this tropical floating line has a great taper to cut the wind and

deliver flies delicately to tricky trigger fish.

Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon WF12F - this line has an aggressive taper and strong core that is perfect for

battling big fish and making quick casts to fish on the move.



• 2 x GT Poppers – size 6/0

• 3 x Brush fly Tan – size 6/0

• 3 x Brush fly Black/Red – size 6/0

• 2 x Semper fly Black/Puple – size 6/0

• 2 x Mega Clouser Chartreuse/White – size 6/0

• 3 x Alphlexo Crab White – size 2

• 3 x Alphlexo Crab Tan – size 1

• 3 x Alphlexo Crab Brown/Camo – size 2

• 1 x VGDC Cree Claws Crab – size 1

• 3 x Spawning Shrimp – size 4

• 3 x Kraken Shrimp – size 4

• 3 x Beech’s Fuzzle Shrimp – size 4

• 2 x Wayne’s Milky Magic – size 6

Clothing Recommended


Almost all fishing is done while wading the sand flats and fossilized coral edges. These areas are very tough on

boots. Only the toughest salt water wading boots will do. We recommend Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boots.

These must be paired with a good pair of neoprene gravel guards to prevent sand and corral entering your wading

boots. African Water‘s custom made gravel guards are best for this appli- cation. Slip slops are best for travel days

and around the boat.


Waterproof bag:

A dry bag day pack is indispensible for these trips. Keeping spare tackle, flies, rain jacket, and gear dry while wading

the surf is very important. Patagonia Storm Chaser 30l day pack is the perfect bag for this application and will serve

you well for any fly fishing trip for years to come.


Sports lycra:

Lycra sports tights (thigh length or full length) are crucial to wear under your fishing shorts to prevent chafe from

wading in the surf in wet pants. Long lycra pants help protect against coral rashes and cuts as well.


Wading belt:

A webbing/wading belt is very useful to keep you plier on. It is also a great item to have to sting your wet gear (buff,

hats, shorts, shirts, ski pants) on each evening after rinsing it in fresh water and allow to dry for the next day. It also

prevents it being blow of the live aboard if the wind picks up at night.


Polarized sunglasses:

We suggest Bronze or Green Mirror for this location. Bring a spare pair



Your professional guides will carry a net for when fishing for trigger fish. No need to bring any boga grip or nets


Stripping gloves or finger tape:

Stripping gloves that offer both finger protection as well as sun protec- tion are great. Make sure figure protection

extends past last crease in figure that you strip through. Many brands are too short. We like the Glacier Glove brand.

The other option is to pair sun gloves with self adhesive medical tape which you can reapply during the day as



Useful accessories: Salt water pliers and hook sharpener (though your guides will carry both)


March to July


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