Argentina has acquired much fame in recent years regarding the Golden Dorado. Add dove hunting to your trip for a fantastic Cast & Blast experience.



We are proud to let you know of our intimate partnership with Andes Drifters. By utilizing each others resources we can provide exclusive fly fishing in private areas not open to the public. We have locations to fish for trout in North Patagonia and the Junín de los Andes area, as well as the Upper Parana for Golden Dorado. 

After months of working together towards finding a new premiere destination for fly fishing, Gustavo Hiebaum (CEO of Andes Drifters) and Pablo Aguiló (CEO of Pointer Outfitters), are proud to introduce you to this new location.



SEASON: October through May

CAPACITY: 8 people



7 nights and 6 full fishing days

  • $6,850 

*Prices are per person in American Dollars, based in double occupancy and shared guide. 

*Subject to change.




  • All lodging as described on the itinerary
  • All meals, beer and wine
  • Full-time guide and coordinator during the trip
  • All charter flights and local ground transfers
  • All the special services described on the itinerary
  • Fishing license, all flies




  • International Flights
  • Any Buenos Aires expenses – hotels, meals, transfers, etc
  • Laundry
  • Gratuities



Direct phone number to contact the Fly Fishing department: (210) 390 0576



General Information

Upper Parana River

This section of the Parana River is located in the extreme northern part of Corrientes Province in the North Eastern part of Argentina. It flows for 180 miles as a tail water of the Yacyreta Hydroelectric Dam until its junction with the Paraguay River. This section of the Parana is known for its clear waters making this particular stretch of the river an ideal environment for fly fishing.


The golden dorado has a large head, with powerful jaws filled with sharp teeth. It reaches maturity around 37 cm (15 in) long, and is golden colored. The average size of the golden dorado is about 3–10 kg (6.6–22.0 lb). The largest recorded size is 100 cm (39 in) length and 31.4 kg (69 lb).

Pira Pita

Watershed of Plata, Río Paraná, and Río Uruguay. Robust fish, excellent swimmer and has a pinkish gray color. The ventral side is white with slight silver tints. Its caudal fin or tail has 3 strips lengthwise.


Pacú (Piaractus mesopotamicus), pez chato.

The Lodge

Upper Parana Lodge is a traditional “estancia” of Corrientes province. The Upper Parana Lodge is located on a large farmland right by the coast. It provides fantastic views in all directions. The main house has four fully air conditioned-single bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. There’s also a large living room, a dining area, a fully stocked bar, and a fly-tying table.

Being an “estancia”, it has a big garden where our fly fishers can enjoy a walk, read a book under a shady tree, or ride a horse. If you are lucky a “carayá” (monkey) family will visit you from the treetops to say hello.

Our cuisine, managed by an International Chef, allows a mix between traditional Argentinean food and comfort food. We also have internationial cuisine based on meat, vegetables, and homemade pasta.

A couple days, the chef might suprise you with a field lunch in the jungle close to the coast of Parana river.

The Fishing

The mythic Dorado (Salminius Maxilosus) is clearly the main target on this river. Dorado range between 4 and 20 pounds with the possibility of fish up to 35 pounds.

Our fishing will be done using North Carolina type boats (16 foot length) equipped with 90hp four stroke motors as well as remote controlled trolling motors. We will be mainly fishing on river channels, at the head of islands and along deep banks of the main river where different structures (fallen trees, rocks structures, and cut banks) generate ideal feeding spots for a natural hunter like the Dorado.

For sight casting we fish the shallow water on sand bars. This technique is more challenging and demands precise casting. We will be casting to Dorados 12 to 20 pounds in 2 to 3 feet of water. We can transform our boats to a “flats boat” with platforms for the guide to pole the flats and for anglers to aim their flies to visible Dorados. This technique is available and adds a unique variety to the fishing program.

Dorado Flies

The Dorado flies we use are a variety of large deceivers made with feather tails and craft fur heads around small metallic eyes. We tie them in a variety of color combinations on 3/0 and 4/0 hooks 4 to 6 inches long. The guides will provide all the needed flies for the trip.

Other Species Available

Two other species can be captured on the fly during this trip; which are Pacu and Pirapita. Both these species feed on fruits and flowers that fall from the trees of the jungle, so we target them on slow water channels inside the river islands.

The Pacu is a permit profile fish that is highly combative and between 3 to 20 pounds; we will be targeting this fish casting behind branches as we drift the current with a foam bead that imitates these fruits. We dead drift the line simmiliar to the style used for trout when they are eating dry fly and we will be able to witness great surface takes that are spectacular to watch.

The Pirapita is locally known as the “salmon of the river” as it feeds on insects and can be caught on large foam attractors (such as Chernobyl Ant). These species range in size between 2 to 12 pounds with great strength and multiples jumps. These two described species are an ideal target for the middle part of the day where the Dorado can slow down their activity. We target them on lighter equipment. This adds a nice variety to the fishing day and provides a perfect break from casting the larger Dorado flies.

NOTE: We welcome spin gear anglers to join this trip since the technique and species targeted could be easily caught with high success using this type of equipment.

Gear and Equipment

For Dorado we recommend #8 weight 9 ft rods with a reel loaded with a Tropical WF Floating Line or Intermediate Clear Tip line. Both these lines should be tropical due to the warm water conditions and the high temperatures predominant in this area.

The leaders should be 9 feet long ending with 20 to 40 pound test saltwater fluorocarbon plus a 45 pounds wire bite tippet at the end of the leader to protect against the sharp teeth of Dorado.

For targeting Pacu and Pirapita we recommend #6 or #7 weight 9’ rod equipped with a reel with Tropical WF Floating line. Leaders for these species are built ending with 16/18 pounds fluorocarbon material and the addition of a 20 pound wire bite.

Fishing gear

While our team will supply any type of backup gear you might need during the trip, it is good to bring a basic gear of your personal preference which you feel familiar to fish with. Our guide will provide and set you up with all flies and leaders you might need on the trip


1 8wt 9’ Rod should be your main rod

If you bring a 2nd rod should be a 7wt or a 2nd 8wt 9’


Two good reels with working drags; they should balance your rods and load with 150yds of 30lb backing


1st choice RIO Tropical Intermediate WF 8 I/I

2nd Choice RIO Red Fish line WF 8 F

Tippet Material

Saltwater Fluorocarbon 20/25/30/40 lb

Rio Wire Bite 45lb

Recommended Clothing

Since we will be fishing in a tropical jungle area, expect weather to be humid and quite warm. You should plan on dressing in long pants and long sleeves shirts for better sun and mosquitoes cover. We normally use bug repellent at evening time which is the only time of the day the mosquitoes bite us.

Following is a list of gear, clothes, etc, that visitors have found helpful in the past. It doesn’t mean you need to carry everything listed

Bring a photo copy of your passport to carry with you on the river with your fishing license so you do not ruin your original.

Rain coat, gore-tex is recommended

1 Fleece vest or light jacket (just in case of colder weather but only necessary for September/October or April/May)

Polarized sun glasses


A small set of pliers to cut wire tippet

Hats, one with a full brim, one baseball cap

Long sleeve quick dry shirts

Quick dry pants

A couple of Buffs

Personal toiletries

Medication that you may need



Snickers or boating light shoes. They should be light weight and something you don’t mind if they get wet, also crocks or sandals are an option but we prefer you have your feet covered at all times. We will be fishing 100% from the boat.

Small flashlight or Petzel head lamp if we return or start fishing with low light conditions

Sun screen the best you can find at least 50 block

Chap Stick with sunscreen built in at least 15 SPF

Insect repellant

Small Vest or pack for fishing gear or anything you would like to carry on the boat with you

Traveling Here

You will be flying either to the Local Corrientes (CNQ) or Resistencia (RES) Airports which both have daily flights from Buenos Aires operated by Aerolineas Argentinas. The trip begins when your guide picks you up at either local Airport. Corrientes in only 50 minutes away from the Lodge and Resistencia about 1 ½ hours driving distance to the Lodge.


DAY 1: Fly to Corrientes Airport CNQ Airports – Transfer to Parana on the Fly Lodge - Welcome Dinner 

DAY 2 to 7: full fishing days. 

DAY 8: Check out from Parana on the Fly Lodge and private transfer to Resistencia Airport RES to take your return flight to Buenos Aires.


In order to make the most of your stay here in this beautiful country, partnered with Beagle Tours, our sister company with amazing professionals that will be greatly happy to assist you if you are interested in doing some kind of non-fishing activity in Argentina.

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