Jul. 2022 - Greenland

Jul. 2022 - Greenland

Host: Pablo Aguiló | Erfalik Lodge | Targeted Species: Arctic Char

Total Rods: 6

Available Rods: 4


You will stay at this lodge build in 2019, a brand new lodge.

Sleeping in cabins with bunk beds, they are pretty small but you can have a single room with plenty of space for your stuff.

This lodge has a comfortable dining area, big couches and a large porch. Overlooking the fjord and the rivermouth.

Fishing is rarely hard and there is no need to have a guide watch over your shoulder all day long. Once you have had an introduction to the fishery most anglers are fine about fishing with one or two other guests, and sometimes ask assistance from one of the young guides if they want an introduction to a new area.

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