Aug. 2022 - Brazil

Aug. 2022 - Brazil

Host: Pablo Aguiló | Kendjam + Pirarucú Lodges | Targeted Species: Peacock Bass and Arapaima

Total Rods: 6

Available: 3

Join us in this magnificent adventure of almost 2 weeks in the Brazilian Amazonia, fishing in two of the most wonderful Fly Fishing destionation Brazil has to offer.


Kendjam Project’s rivers hold the most prolific multi-variety species fishery in Amazon and probably in entire freshwater rivers on earth. Anglers can target various species using different angling techniques all in same run and pools. These mighty Pacu eat insects and Anglers can fish them with dries and wet flies! The fast powerful barracuda-like freshwater predator, Bicudas that once hooked will burn your fingers in a second. Anglers will experience sight casting for 10-25 pounds Trairao in shallow water and tributaries.
The waters are impressively clear. The granite base is what makes the water very clear even after some rain. The river downstream from Kendjam community starts to divide its course in many parallel branches creating several smaller fast clear water streams. It sets the stage for the awesome and unique fishing ground in the Amazon.

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What really distinguishes Pirarucu from other destinations is its namesake, The Arapaima. The name of Pirarucú is the guarani and portuguese name for the Arapaima and her synonyms for the same fish.

Arapaima can grow to over 400 pounds and most closely resemble a freshwater tarpon. When hooked they explode in aerial displays, take off on long runs and surrender only after lengthy battles. The fish are often seen gulping air from the surface thus offering sight casting to singles pairs of fish. Arapaima is a very resistant fish out of the water that takes up to 70% of the oxygen needed to live from the air.

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