Nov. 2022 - Maldives

Nov. 2022 - Maldives

Host: Pablo Aguiló | Maldives Islands | Targeted Species: GT, Snappers, Barracudas

Total Rods: 4

Available rods: 2


The Maldives consist of 1190 island grouped in 26atolls, all of which are situated atop a submarine ridge than runs 960 kilometres from north to south. With one of the richest marine ecosystems anywhere in the world, it is a fly fisherman's dream.

These shallow waters are prime habitat for yellow margin triggerfish, red snappers, bluefin trevallies and not least GTs - Giant Treavallies that do indeed live up to their name when fish up to 20,30 or 40 kilos appear on flats that are only a few feet deep.

Fly fishing the Maldives is a mix of flats and reefs. Low tide on some flats mean opportunities for trevallies, triggerfish and the occasional bonefish. Other flats can produce shots for cruising GTs, always looking for an easy meal, and the reefs or surf will mainly hols GTs, bluefin trevallies, snappers and sometimes sharks or barracudas.


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