Located in the middle of the best rainbow trout fishing on the planet, Enchanted Lake Lodge is recognized as the ultimate Alaskan fly fishing destination.


The combination of ideal location, superb accommodations, great cuisine and caring staff have built the lodge’s reputation as a premier fly-out fly fishing destination.

Set within Katmai National Park on 54 acres of privately owned land, the lodge is ideally located for quick and easy access to the best streams and rivers of the Alaskan Peninsula. Built in 1961 and remodeled from the ground up in 2002, the lodge today provides unrivaled luxury in a remote wilderness setting. With no roads and the only available transport by float planes, this world-class lodge provides the perfect balance of comfort and service with adventure and wilderness.




Direct phone number to contact the Fly Fishing department: (210) 390 0576



General Information

The Season


The season opener in early June is an exciting time, with trout hungry after a long winter. Fry, baby salmon from the previous year\'s spawn, fill the rivers, and the trout are so aggressive they will chase down these schools of fry providing exciting, visual fishing. On the larger rivers, streamer fishing is spectacular, while on the smaller streams traditional nymphs and dry flies are used to match our early season hatches. Sight fishing with dry flies is always popular and productive this time of the year. With so many different fishing styles effective this is a great month for people seeking variety.


A month of transition, July sees our rivers fill with sockeye salmon while the fry migration comes to an end. With the arrival of the sockeye staggered in the different rivers we have lots of variety. Sight fishing with nymphs and dry flies is spectacular in many places, while streamer fishing is still the most effective method on the larger rivers. As the month progresses and rivers fill with salmon, we begin to fish egg patterns and explore smaller streams that were devoid of trout before the arrival of the spawning salmon. Like the previous month, July is a great time to experience a variety of options and fishing methods.


This is the month of egg fishing in all our rivers. Trout position themselves below the spawning salmon and eat the drifting eggs making sight fishing possible on many of the shallow runs. With such a high calorie food source available, the trout aggressively chase down egg patterns and soon become heavy. The sight of eagles and brown bears gorging on the salmon is common adding to the experience of fishing in August. The combination of spectacular fishing, good weather and viewing salmon runs of indescribable numbers make August a great time to visit.


As winter approaches and the tundra turns bright with fall colors, the trout feed even more aggressively. Fat and heavy from gorging on salmon eggs for weeks, this is a great time to catch a truly huge fish. The salmon die-off as the month progresses but sight fishing with egg patterns is still great. As the salmon thin out and the rivers open up we will start fishing streamers again. With the end of the short Alaskan summer nearing the trout feel an urgency to feed making a big streamer or leech pattern a tempting meal. The weather might be cooler but the beautiful fall scenery and huge fish are more than enough reward.


Luxury and comfort.

Enjoy the view from the comfortable furniture while the fireplace warms the room. The complimentary bar is stocked with fine wine, beer and liquor. Relax and recount the day or start planning the next with your guide while appetizers are served. The large window-lined dining room provides a panoramic view of the surrounding beauty while dinner is served by our creative chefs. With a superb kitchen staff and fresh ingredients constantly brought in, you can expect meals that match any fine restaurant.

Two decks provide spectacular views of Nonvianuk Lake and the Walatka Mountains on warm summer afternoons. Wind down in our wood stove sauna, warmed and waiting for you at the end of each day. Each private guest cabin is comfortably furnished with private bathrooms, heaters, and 24-hour electricity.

Accommodating a maximum of twelve guests per week, our lodge cabins provide an intimate setting in one of the most beautiful wilderness landscapes in all of Alaska. Perched atop the crystal clear Nonvianuk Lake, each cabin and lodge room is specifically designed to offer unrivaled comfort and serve as your haven after a long day of fishing the Alaskan wilds. Ideally spaced throughout the peninsula, each private stand-alone guest cabin is equipped with amenities to provide the ultimate comfort during your stay, such as luxurious bedding and mattresses, a private bathroom and hot shower, heaters and 24-hour electricity.

After your day on the water, take in the sweeping vistas and sunsets on your private patio, or enjoy the grounds’ wood burning sauna to unwind and prepare for the following day. Our staff prides itself on the personal attention and service given to every guest, and no shortcuts are taken in making your stay unforgettably rejuvenating.


The ultimate Alaskan fly fishing destination has one of the best cuisine and caring staff and have built the lodges reputation as a premier fly-out fly fishing destination. You will be delightful with the outstanding and unique meals that Darren and his wife work for their entire guest. Enjoy Alaska from its flavor. The best salmon meals ever and amazing trout dishes. As all our guest do, we highly recommend the deserves at Enchanted Lake Lodge.

The Fishing

Flying is fun, but you have come to Alaska to fish...

Located in the heart of Katmai National Park’s Bristol Bay, Enchanted Lake Lodge is one of the regions premier fishing destinations. The lodge is strategically-located just minutes from many of Alaska’s most productive fisheries, so unlike many other lodges, flight times here are kept to a minimum, allowing more time to be spent fishing the world famous streams for which the state is known.

There is plenty of opportunity to fish the prolific populations of trophy rainbow, arctic char, Dolly Varden and grayling. Though Enchanted Lake Lodge prides itself on being a “rainbow focused” destination, there are also all five species of Pacific Salmon available throughout the season. During your stay, your fishing preferences (as well as that days fishing conditions) are taken into account as we plan your itinerary.

Some of your river options include the Brooks, Kulik, Battle, Big and Little Ku, American, Kvichak, Moraine, Funnel and many more. Having one of the most solid and well versed group of guides, a day with one of these experts will not disappoint even the most seasoned of anglers. With the use of planes, jet boats and rafts, you are sure to have access to best the region has to offer. No matter the time of year, you will not find a more seasoned staff or solid fishing program anywhere else in the region.

Gear and Equipment

Fly fishing in Southwestern Alaska can place great demands on your tackle and clothing unlike any other destination. Due to the variety of weather conditions on the Alaska Peninsula, it is best to bring comfortable clothing for temperatures ranging from 35 to 75 degrees. At Enchanted Lake Lodge we do offer those guests that don´t already own the suggested waders, wading shoes, rods, reels, packs, or wading staffs the opportunity to use ours at no cost. Also included in the price of the trip are flies, beads, leaders, and all licenses. The lodge loaner equipment is of the finest quality, and is made by the top names in the business. We do not furnish rain jackets or under wader clothing. If you already own the proper equipment, we suggest that you bring it on the trip. Your personal equipment will be more familiar adding to your enjoyment on the stream.

Rods, Reels and Lines

Rods: a 9 to 9.5 foot 5 or 6 weight and a 9 to 9.5 foot 7 or 8 weight for larger rivers.

Reels: a quality reel with a strong drag and at least 150 yards of backing. If we could only choose one reel it would be those made by Hatch - http://www.hatchoutdoors.com.

Lines: a weight forward, floating line is the most commonly used line. We also recommend that you have an extra spool with a sinking tip line for the 7 or 8 weight rod (June, July, and September). Our favorite sinking tip line is the Rio Versa tip with interchangeable heads.


We carry a complete line of flies designed and tied by our guides specifically for our area. These flies and egg imitations are included in your package. Should you choose to tie or purchase your own, we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Suggested flies.

Streamers/Wet flies: We suggest all kind of buggers, scuds, zonkers and matukas, weighted and unweighted in assorted colours, especially:

-Bead head Wolly buggers, black, brown and olive are very productive (sizes 6/8/10) (rubber legs perform well on occasions, some popular colours are white or yellow). A favorite is a Woolly Bugger with black chenille, or cactus chenille in size 8 to 10, with bead head.

-Zonker/Rabbit in medium to small sizes, white, black, olive (sizes 6/8/10/12). It is good to have weighted and unweighted flies. In some of the river pools, it is necesary to go down fast, so heavily weight big streamers are usefull. Same patterns described before

Dry Flies: With regard to dry flies, big and medium size attractor flies work well, such us Chernovyl Ant, Fat Albert, Tarantula, Parachute Madam X, Gypsy King, Stimulator (yellow and green), and Stimulator Rubber legs (sizes 6/8/10/12), among others.

Nymphs: During calm conditions, medium and small nymphs perform well, such as Hare's Ear, Bead head Prince, Scuds (green, orange), Cooper Johns, Bead head Pheasant tail, etc (size 10/12/14). #It is very important that flies are tied in strong heavy wire, to avoid bending or breaking of hooks when playing or landing big fish. 

Clothing Suggestions


 Anglers coming to the lodge should be prepared for a variety of weather situations. Weather in Patagonia can vary greatly from day to day, from sunny, hot and calm with only t-shirts needed, or they can be very windy, with a cold rain, where you will need to be bundled up.  The best advice is to bring lots of water wicking (capiline/polypropylene) layers. Long underwater bottoms and tops, fleece pullovers, and of course we recommend Gore-tex jackets and waders. Bugs are not an issue, but you should have lots of sunscreen and polarized sunglasses, very helpful for protection and for spotting cruising fish when conditions are right. Remember, in the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite those in the northern hemisphere. The air temperature in Strobel area is not particularly cold, but the wind blows constantly and creates a chill factor that can be uncomfortable. So be prepared to dress warmly. Clothing strategies should be based on the "layering system"the idea being to trap heated air generated by your body between multiple layers of insulation. The layering system also allows you to adapt to air temperature, body temperature according to activity level, and whatever Mother Nature dishes out


We recommend that you bring stocking foot waders with a pair of quality RUBBER SOLE wading shoes. The State of Alaska outlawed the use of felt soles in 2012. PLEASE DO NOT BRING STUDDED SOLES OF ANY TYPE. They tear up the floats and interior of the airplanes, and damage the decks on the lodge and cabins. For safety, we recommend you use a wading staff and wear a wading belt at all times.

Under Wader Clothing

We recommend that you wear mid-weight long underwear bottoms and/or fleece pants under your waders. For warm days, you will want to wear only the long underwear bottoms, while the colder days will require fleece pants or both. On the upper body, we recommend a similar system. A mid-weight long underwear top, with a fleece jacket for colder days. Avoid cotton.

Rain jacket

This could be the item of greatest importance to your comfort during your trip. Those made with Gore-Tex are best for our conditions. They do breathe and keep you dry even in the worst conditions. We recommend those by Simms or Patagonia. No Alaskan goes anywhere without good raingear.

Lugagge and personal items 

While at the lodge, the atmosphere is informal, so please bring casual clothes that are comfortable and practical. You will be in waders most of the day, so you will not need a large assortment of clothes for meals at the lodge. Other items to include are personal items such as prescription medicines, and a waterproof camera. Please try to limit the amount of luggage you bring and please use duffel bag type luggage, rather than suitcases, as they are much easier to load and transport in our aircraft.

Polarized Sunglasses 

Since a large portion of our fishing is to sighted fish, you must have a quality pair of polarized sunglasses. The best lens colors for our conditions is either brown or amber. Besides assisting you in spotting fish, they also provide necessary safety while casting. A spare set is never a bad idea.

Traveling Here

In an effort to streamline the process of arriving at and departing from the lodge, we strongly recommend the following flights:

•  Anchorage to King Salmon - Peninsula Air flight #205 1:35pm/2:55pm

•  King Salmon to Anchorage - Peninsula Air  flight #202 9:25am/10:45pm

*Please note that flight numbers to and from King Salmon will change throughout the season so please use the times listed above as a guideline.


Enchanted Lake Lodge staff will greet guests arriving on flight #205. We provide a transfer to our private aircraft, and then fly you directly to the lodge. In an effort to make transportation to the lodge as convenient as possible, earlier arrivals to King Salmon cannot be accommodated. In addition, guests who arrive later in the afternoon or evening will also need to arrange for private transportation.


Two commercial airlines serve the town of King Salmon:

Alaska Airlines 1-800-252-7522 www.alaskaair.com

Peninsula Air 1-800-448-4226 www.penair.com

Package Cost

7-night, 6-day package (Sunday to Sunday): $9250.00 per person

Rates Include:

Shared double accommodations, all meals, complementary bar, seven day non resident fishing license, flying, guiding, use of all boats and motors, flies, and scheduled flights to and from the lodge and King Salmon on Sundays. If you request to arrive or leave at any time other than our scheduled flight, you will need to make your own arrangements to and from King Salmon.


A fifty percent deposit is required for confirmation. The balance is due sixty days prior to arrival at the lodge. Deposits received are non-refundable

Making a reservation is easy. Just contact us by telephone or e-mail and we will assist you in finding the dates that work best for you. We are always available and look forward to assisting you in planning your next fishing adventure.


Fishing equipment, waders, rods, lines, flies, Gratuities, airfaire, and insurance, etc. 


Our company offers you the best customer service without any additional cost, we are always able to answer questions about your trip or any other concern. Do not accept less than Top Notch service, at Pointer we are always willing to make your experience unforgettable.

And this is very important: By purchasing your trip through us, you are elegible to get extra gift and rewards, like a voucher open for 3 years for 50% off in your accommodations on your next Fly Fishing trip to rgentina in one of our lodges, you can choose between Trouts in Northern Patagonia or Golden Dorado in the Paraná river.

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