Rio Marié is the largest reserve in the Amazon for peacock bass fishing, and one of the largest one in the world.

Rio Marié is home to more double digit, trophy Peacock Bass and a higher concentration of those monster fish than any other river in Brazil or the Amazon.

This river area is huge, encompassing nearly 500 miles of virgin waters, and it boasts a healthy population of giant Peacock Bass. For anglers, this translates into very real opportunities to consistently hook and release much larger-than-average peacock bass on the fly.




Direct phone number to contact the Fly Fishing department: (210) 390 0576




The Rio Marié is entirely located inside a far-reaching Indigenous Territory and approximately 500 miles northwest from Manaus, which is our operation's base point and the most important city in Brazilian Amazon.

The Rio Marié is born in the Northwest corner of the Brazilian Amazon, up near the Colombian border. It is a tributary of the upper Rio Negro. The Rio Negro basin is the largest drainage of “black” water in the world, with approximately 710,000 km² of land are and is currently one of the most preserved regions in the Amazon, with less than 0.5 % of deforestation. The Rio Negro is its main river, the second largest tributary of the Amazon River, which has the headwaters in the Serra do Junai Hills in Colombia and runs approximately 1700 km to its confluence with the Solimoes River near the jungle city of Manaus.

General Information

The Rio Marié is entirely located inside a far-reaching Indian Territory, an area of more than 2 million hectares. This untouched environment has more than 800 kilometers of rivers, 180 known creeks, 60 lakes, and three major tributaries inside the new operation area

Our experience developing fly fishing operations deep inside virgin jungle areas, complete with high end services and refined fishing techniques, will not only be refreshingly new to the current Amazon fly fishing scene but we are confident it will revolutionize the way sophisticated traveling anglers look at an Amazonian angling experience forever.

The Rio Marié project offers the finest operation in the Amazon jungle with professional fly-fishing guides, state-of-the-art shallow draft fly fishing skiffs, experienced managers, and international chefs.

Sample itinerary:

Day 0

Arrival at Manaus International Airport. Ground transportation from Airport and overnight at fancy boutique hotel.


Day 1

Breakfast at the hotel.

Pick up around 7.00am at the hotel  and transfer to the local airport.

Cessna Gran Caravan charter flights to the river (3,15 hours)

Arrival at the Untamed Amazon


Day 2 to 7

Full fishind day


Day 8


A couple of hours to relax and fishing packing while waiting for the arrival of the float planes back to Manaus.

Last night at 5 star hotel.

Arrival at Manaus mid/late afternoon (Assuming no flight delays)

Ground transportation to International Airport and return flight.




Marié uses as accommodation the Untamed Amazon, a brand new vessel specially designed for the Marié project.

The Untamed Amazon is the very first vessel in entire Amazon with 100% Solar Power Generation for all electricity use. The system has 96 state of art German solar panels generators and 3 tons of Hitachi Solar Batteries – the most advanced Japanese battery system for solar power generation. The Untamed Amazon is an audacious project, which brings a new concept in boat design that changes the current fishing vessel standards. All boat space was planned to promote a unique remarkable experience.

The Untamed Amazon has 3 floors. Lower Floor is the restricted area for staff, where is located the heart of the boat - a twin 200hp propulsion engines. It’s also has the laundry, staff rooms and water filtration systems. All the boat has a sewage treatment plant.

Main floor has 8 suites, where 6 of them are available for Marié guests (5 double and one single suite). Each Suite has a new standard in space and amenities for a fishing veseel. Each suite accommodates two person, in super single beds. Besides, it has a private bathroom and air conditioning and good space for clothes storage.

The upper floor is the place for relaxing after your long fishing day. We offer a spacious living and dinning room, and on the rear an open lounge where we serve the drinks and appetizers with two big Jacuzzi’s for up to 10 people.

The 3rd floor also counts with the cheff’s cuisine and the command control of the vessel.




Our international chefs create the perfect mix of local and fine international dishes.

An extensive beverage selection, fine wines and top quality service round out the signature of quality anglers have come to expect from Untamed Angling, no matter how deep into the virgin rain forest wilderness areas we explore.

The Fishing

In this region of Amazonia, the fishing season normally runs from late September through December. This is the dry season for the upper Rio Negro Basin, the time when waters are at their lowest average levels which allows for fishing throughout the entire river system, including its numerous tributaries and lagoons.

Few, other than local natives, had ever explored the spiderweb of tributaries or investigated the labyrinth of oxbow lagoons that nurses this incredible fishery. Those who risked it all the first season came home to tell fish stories about huge Peacock Bass that are hard to swallow. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of what the Rio Marié has to offer, and already realize the Rio Marié is the ultimate trophy Peacock Bass fishery. Even the locals call it \"Rio de Gigantes!\"

During each fishing week, a serious angler is bound to hook into a good number of Temensis peacock bass whose average size is astounding at over 10 lbs, not to mention a significant amount of 20+pound trophies. Every day fly anglers casting in the Rio Marie are in the legitimate pursuit of the next world record Peacock.

And when anglers are happy with their double dgits of the day and want to go lighter, be prepared for dozens of 3 to 8 pound butterfly peacoks which are extremelly stroing and fun to catch with 7 weight rods and poppers.

Guests are guided by one of the finest teams of English-speaking, fly-savvy fishing experts in all of Latin America and well trained local Indian guides who knows every inch of water and the big peacock bass secrets.

We consider our guide staff among the elite. A highly experienced and professional International guiding staff, partnered with local Indian guides trained by our team with their ancient knowledge, provide the best possible 2 man guide team per boat.

The anglers experience is also based in a new way to approach guided fly fishing in Amazon. Anglers are assisted and guided in each skiff by two guides team: 

Professional Fly Fishing Guide - English-speaking pro guide who offer anglers the possibility of practicing the finest and most sporting fly-fishing techniques. They are able to help you with every facet of fly fishing, including casting techniques and gear advisory, as well as being extremely knowledgeable about the river and the peacock bass.

Local Indian Guide - The Indian Guides team of Marié are intimately knowledgeable with every single pool in the river and are amazing at spotting even the most minute motion or shadow or ripple from any peacock within casting distance. They really knows all Marié river system, the water levels predictions and the big peacock bass hidden home and secrets. They read nature signs and joining with their ancient legendary knowledge transmitted by generations of fishing in Marie waters, to provide the most intense experience in peacock bass fishing.

The native guides in combination the guide staff is sure to provide an amazing and unbelievable experience.

Gear and Equipment

Rods: 7 to 10 weight single handed rods are the norm. It is best to have two rods rigged with different lines and/or flies in the boat. Please plan on bringing an extra backup rod. Powerful rods with a strong butt section are recommended. All of the saltwater series of the top rod brands are considered good choices. Your favorite Bonefish and Baby Tarpon rod will do it just great. We recommend rigging one 7 or 8 weight saltwater rod for smaller peacock’s with floating line and one #9 or #10 weight with intermediate (clear) sinking line.

Reels: As with rods, reels that have been designed for saltwater fly-fishing are the best choice. Peacocks will test your stripping fingers more than your reel, but in the event you can get them on the reel before they get into the wood, reels with strong smooth drags are recommended. Bring a trusted reel that you feel comfortable with. Weight of the reel is important also since you will be casting a lot. 30 pound backing is required.

Lines: Most of the fishing is done close to the surface of the water. Weight Forward lines designed specifically for the tropics and saltwater are what you want. Rio Outbound Tropical Short or comparable, ultra-aggressive, warm water fly lines hands down work the best. Our go to fly line for Peacocks was far and away the Rio Outbound Short clear intermediate tip line, the 30ft INT/15ft Clear . Full floating Outbound Shorts are excellent for effortlessly throwing giant wind resistant poppers. Do not bring cold water floating lines, as the hot weather makes these lines soft and gummy. You will also want to bring a fast sinking sink tip for some specific spots, and higher water situations. For this we recommend a 24 foot 200 to 300 grain sink-tip fly line. We strongly suggest you bring at least one back up fly line. We saw many fly lines explode and be destroyed our first season by trolling motors and monster fish wrapping up anglers in the wood. Be prepared…

Leaders: Peacock Bass are not particularly leader shy, and the huge ones normally can explode a 40 pound shock tippet as if it were 5x tippet. Leaders should be heavy enough to turn over big wind resistant fly, so heavy-strong butt leaders are important. Spools of Fluorocarbon should include 60, 50, 40. Mono in 30, 20 pound breaking strengths can also be used in certain situations. Maxima, Mason or Fluorocarbon are good choices. Our go to leader was just a 6 foot stretch of 50lbs Fluoro. Record seekers should bring a wider variety of tippet strengths.

Flies: Fishing is mostly done using baitfish imitations. White, Yellow, Chartreuse and combinations of these colors are very effective. Good action and heavily dressed flies in lengths from 3 to 7 inches in barbless 2/0 to 4/0 (high quality hooks) are required. As for patterns, the most typical flies used are synthetic material streamers such as the Glimmer Minnow and the Sardina Cruiser. However many baitfish imitations have proved to be very successful, among them Puglisi Streamers in medium to very big sizes, Whistlers or Umpqua’s Tarpon’s Snake and Decievers and Half and Half’s. Big Foam Poppers and Divers as well as very big rubber leg dry flies like Chernobyl Ants are fun to fish and should be included. Flies are available for sale at the yacht for $7 each, but be sure to show up with a good selection as well. Fully packaged selections are available from The Fly Shop.

Recommended Clothing

Please do not bring unnecessary weight to the camp. We use small planes for air transfers to and from the yacht and we strictly enforce weight limitations. You will be able to leave items not needed at camp with the hotel concierge in Manaus if you are returning to the hotel at the end of the week. We recommend this for travelling clothes, etc.

You needn\'t overload yourself with gear, but these items are regarded as essential:

.Two Pair of Polarized Sunglasses (in case you lose or break a pair).

.Waterproof Sunscreen SPF 30+ (UVA) (UVB) (waterproof and unscented)

.Buff Face Mask, (light in color)

.Fishing Hat w/Brim for Sun

.Fly Rods 8/9/10 Weights (no less than 3)

.Reels With Minimum 30 pound Dacron Backing

.Saltwater Outbound Fly Lines (extra lines for backup)

.Leaders, Fluorocarbon Tippet (50lbs)

.Flies and Fly Box

.Long Sturdy Pliers (debarbing and hook removal)

.Hook Sharpener

.Stripping Fingers or Finger Tape

.Fishing Sun Protection Gloves

.Line clippers

.Light Weight Gore-Tex® Rain Jacket and Pants

.Light Weight Synthetic Fleece Top

.3 Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts

.2 Pair of Fast Drying Pants

.1 Pair of Fast Drying Shorts or swimsuit

.3 Pair of White Cotton Socks (for wearing on the boat deck while casting)

.Waterproof Camera, Memory Cards, Batteries and Charger

.Smart Phone or Tablet with Charger

.Insect repellent with 30% + DEET and \"anti-itch\" cream


.Water Bottle & Dry Gatorade Mix or EmergenC Packets

.Lip Balm with sunscreen (highest SPF you can get)

.Dry Bag, Day Pack, boat bag or Fanny Pack (100% Waterproof)

.Waterproof Bags or Zip-Loc Bags (to carry camera, other gear while in the boat)

.Passport with at least 6 months of validity

.Brazilian Tourist Visa

.2 Copies of passport (packed separately in zip-lock bag)


2018 Rio Marie’ Brazil – Pre-trip Tackle & Travel Planner


.Airline tickets and itinerary

.Cash (small bills for tips, gift shopping, etc.)

.Credit card (call company, inform of travel plans)

.Notebook and pen

.Emergency Telephone Numbers

.Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, hand lotion)

.Aspirin, other over-the-counter medications like antacids

.GoldBond Medicated Powder

.Prescription Medications (packed in your carry-on bag)

.Prescription Glasses

.Universal Electrical Adaptor

The yacht has a small fly shop with the essential gear for fishing The Rio Marie’. 

Traveling Here

There are many travel options to consider when flying to Manaus International Airport. There are daily flights from Miami, Panama, Lisbon, Lima, San Paulo and Buenos Aires to Manaus.

We suggest you arrange your flight to Miami to arrive with plenty of time to make the connecting flight to Manaus. If you are flying from the USA, there are two nonstop daily flights from Miami (AA and TAM airlines). One departs Miami early in the morning and arrives in Manaus in the early afternoon; the other flight departs Miami in the late afternoon and arrives in Manaus in the late evening.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you consider flying to Manaus a day earlier than your scheduled arrival date, to mitigate any airline delays, missed flights or lost luggage issues.

Visa & Travel documents: Brazil requires U.S. citizens to carry a valid U.S. passport and a Brazilian visa when traveling to Brazil for any purpose. You must obtain your Brazilian visa in advance from the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate nearest to your place of residence in the United States. There are no airport visas and immigration authorities will refuse entry into Brazil to anyone not possessing a valid visa. 


A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required to enter in any Indian Territory in Brazil. It’s a Government Regulation to protect Indians. All anglers must bring within their travel documents their vaccine certificates, and we ask that you send us a copy of your Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate in advance of your trip.


You, as a client, don't have to pay any extra for our support services. Any questions, queries, and concerns about our destinations, the organization of your pre-trip, or any doubt, you can ask us without additional cost. Don't hesitate to text us, traveling with Pointer is always worth it.

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