This lodge is focused on a pristine 35km section of the lower Orange River, around the Onseepkans Gorge. This stretch of river, bordered by pristine Kalahari desert wilderness, is inaccessible to the general public due to the class 4 rapids and technical portages that are needed to access water from day 3 to 6.
All trips start and finish at Red Rock River Camp, situated on the banks of the Orange River in the tiny village of Onseepkans, 50km north of Pofadder. 

Travelling here

Where to fly to: Upington (if not driving to camp)

Where your tour starts: Onseepkans, South Africa

Transfers on arrival in Upington: No, please arrange your own, or ask for assistance if not driving to camp.

Transport to camp: Self-drive or hire car from Upington


The camp consists of a grassed area, bomas for shade, shelter and cooking, washing and ablution facilities. 

Consist in semi permanent camp site and wilderness camping.

Communications - Cell communication at the base camp,and  limited cell communication when on the river.

We do not offer service to do laundry.

Simple itinerary

6 nights (2 nights at base camp and 4nights wilderness camping)
5 fishing days

Day 1 (Arrival at Red Rock River Camp):
• Check in from 14h00
• Evening dinner and detailed trip briefing by head guides
• Afternoon fishing around camp unguided should guests wish
• Dinner is provided

Day 2 (Wilderness Drift night 1):
• Early breakfast followed by packing and road transport to put in point (roughly a
45 – 60min drive from Camp)
• Safety briefing by head river guides
• Start drift and fly fishing
• Lunch and Dinner provided
• Camp wild

Day 3 to 6 (Wilderness Drift nights 2, 3 and 4 and finish last night at Red Rock River
• Morning tea and coffee and light breakfast of rusks, muesli, fruit and yoghurt
• Pack personal belongings and begin fly fishing drift
• River guides pack rest of the camp and then leadfrog anglers to set up for
brunch/lunch on the river
• A hearty cooked Brunch or Lunch is taken on the river at around midday
• River guides generally move ahead after brunch/lunch to begin setting up the g
nights camp and preparing another delicious meal
• Fishing guests and guides aim arrive in camp in time for sundowners and snacks
• Continue fishing/drifting to the following nights camp ending at Red Rock River.
• Camp for your last night of tour

Day 7:
• Breakfast (planned according to your preferred departure time) and departure.
Check out must be before 10am.

Gear and equipment

Fly rods largemouth yellowfish:

• Medium to fast action 9ft, 7wht rods. Four piece for travelling.

• Bring one spare


Reels largemouth yellowfish:

• Large arbor direct drive with good drag – Shilton CR 4 is perfect

• Reels must be loaded with at least 100 meters of 30 lb backing.


Fly lines largemouth yellowfish:

• Scientific Angler WF 7 Titan Intermediate which will match up well with a 7wht rod. This is

 an 240G intermediate line. The running line allows one to make the necessary mends to

 position flies properly.

• Full length type 5 sink tip fly line. The Sci Angler Sonar Sink 250G is perfect for fishing the

 deeper sections, or getting flies down during cold fronts. This will be a secondary line, but

 is an essential tool when the fish are holding deep.

• Full length WF 7 Floating Line



Fly lines smallmouth yellowfish:

• Standard WF5F


Fly rods smallmouth yellowfish:

• 9ft, 5wht. Four piece for travelling.


Reels smallmouth yellowfish:

• Standard 5wht fresh water reel – Shilton CR2 or CR3


Flies largemouth yellowfish:

• MUISHOND fly black – size 2

• MUISHOND fly black – size 1/0

• MUISHOND fly olive/black – size 2

• MUISHOND fly olive/black – size 1/0

• SNB fly black/tan – size 4

• SNB fly black/tan – size 1/0

• SNB fly olive/tan/orange – size 4

• SNB fly olive/tan/orange – size 1/0

• SNB fly tan/white – size 4

• MSP fly black/orange – size 4

• MSP fly olive/orange – size 4

• TUSCAN BUNNY fly black/olive – size 2

• TUSCAN BUNNY fly black/olive – size 1/0

• TUSCAN BUNNY fly brown/tan – size 2

• TUSCAN BUNNY fly brown/tan – size 1/0

• SEX DUNGEON fly olive/tan – size 1/0

• SEX DUNGEON fly black/tan – size 1/0

• SEX DUNGEON fly tan/white – size 1/0

All flies to be tied on Gamakatsu B10S Stinger hooks


Clothing Recommended

Recommended packing list:

• 3 x Sunshade Shirts (Patagonia Sun Shade Hoody is our go to)

• 1 x Waders (more important early season –July and August only)

• 1 x Warm jacket for cold evenings

• 1 x Beanie

• 1 x Quick Dry long pants (Zip off bottom legs)

• 2 x Quick dry shorts

• 1 x Quality rain jacket

• 1 x Fishing hat

• 2 x Buffs

• 1 x Sungloves

• 2 x Polarized Sunglasses (1 spare)

• 1 x SPF 30 to 50 Sunscreen



July to November


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