Oman’s diverse waters give us the unique opportunity to offer a wide variety of fishing. 

Oman's coastline is formed up of sprawling sandy beaches, secluded rocky bays and sheer jagged cliffs that plunge dramatically into the ocean. With the Gulf of Oman in the north and the Arabian Sea in the south (a region of the north Indian ocean) Oman's landscape is truly diverse.

Inshore and offshore boat based as well as beach fishing is all available in one location. There are no long journeys each day as the drop off and inshore fishing is just a few minutes from the dock, allowing you to maximising your time on the water.

In the morning you can target large schools of tailing Permit (T. Africanus), Omani Bream, Milkfish, Queenfish, Bluefish, Pompano and multiple Trevally species whilst drifting along the vast cliff faces or exploring the shallow beaches and secluded bays. 

Then spend the afternoon relaxing while you troll for billfish and Dorado along the drop off, or get the blood pumping as you cast to large busting bait balls of Tuna.  

Our land based fishing is not for the faint hearted and often require you to hike into remote beaches. Once there be prepared to run up and down the beach chasing the elusive Indo-Pacific Permit as they tail in the shallows or casting to largespot pompano and Bluefish.

At certain times of the season you might encounter the odd GT cruising the shoreline in search of mullet or sardines. 


Travelling here

The lodge is located at Hawana Marina, Salalah Oman. 

Such a beautiful area shrouded in history that has helped form a rich culture that is very welcoming to visitors. Hawana Marina is made up of many bars and restaurants and has the relaxed feel that you might expect from an upmarket coastal resort. This is one of the main reasons why this holiday is so popular for anglers and non-anglers spending the week together.

How to get here?

Option 1: Flight from UK to Salalah, then arrive in Doha.

Option 2: Flights to Salalah often go via Dubai.

Once you have landed at Salalah airport and met your accommodation representative, it is just a short twenty-minute transfer.

Depart Doha, Arrive UK


A comfortable nights sleep after a day out on the water is of utmost importance. Located just 25 minutes from Salalah International airport in the picturesque marina promenade of Hawana. This beautiful 4 star hotel is situated along the white sandy beaches of the Arabian sea with a stunning backdrop of the Jebel Samhan mountains. 

The hotel offers luxurious deluxe rooms as well as marina suites, the perfect way to relax after a day out on the water. Amenities include 2 international restaurants, a bar, 2 large swimming pools and a state of the art wellness centre and treatment rooms.

Within the marina there are many boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, a bar overlooking the marina, dive centre, long stretches of pristine white sandy beaches and 2 spas. This along with the many exciting activities and sights that Oman has to offer means that non fishing partners or family members can also enjoy a holiday away.

The hotel has WiFi and a good phone signal. The guides carry a satellite phone as a backup as there is no signal on most of the remote beaches.


The below itinerary is only a suggested one as we have flights departing from the UK everyday, therefore should you wish to extend your stay by adding more nights in Oman the itinerary below can be tailored to suit.

DAY 1:

Depart UK (alternative routes available), Arrive Doha.

Depart Doha, Arrive Salalah.

A representative from the hotel will transfer you the short drive to your hotel. After you have checked in you will be free to relax for the rest of the day.

Overnight Accommodation: Juweira Boutique Hotel H/B.


Breakfast is served at 7 am and after this, each day, your guide will meet you at the boats located on the floating docks at the back of the hotel. You will then head out to fish the bespoke itinerary that you and the guide decided on the night before. Fishing the inshore waters early in the morning can be a fantastic time of the day to find tailing Permit or bait busting predators such as Queenfish, Trevally or Bluefish.

Overnight accommodation: Juweira Boutique Hotel H/B.


Fishing can be either fly-fishing or lure fishing. The fishing is so varied you can do different things each day, and hopefully you can land several different species. Fishing based on 2 anglers per boat each day, the fishing either takes place from secluded beaches sight-casting or from the boats, either drifting inshore in search of feeding fish or out in the open ocean looking for signs of Dorado, Billfish and Tuna.

Overnight Accommodation: Juweira Boutique Hotel H/B

DAY 8:

In the morning, once you have checked out of the hotel, you will be transferred back to the airport for your return flight to Doha.

Depart Salalah, Arrive in Doha.

The fishing

What sets the fly fishing in Oman apart from most other saltwater destinations is the variety of fishing grounds. One day you can be fishing from land-based secluded sandy beaches and rocky bays and the next day, boat fishing against sheer rock faces plummeting into the Arabian Sea. 

The list of species that can be targeted when fly fishing in Oman is long and distinguished. There are inshore catches of Indo-Pacific Permit, Omani Bream, Pompano, Permit (T.Africanus), Bluefish, Queenfish and occasionally massive GTs. Offshore species that can be targeted with both the fly rods as well as conventional popper/trolling gear include, Dorado, Cobia, Sailfish, Tuna as well as the mighty Marlin! Oman fishing season varies depending on the species and the tide.


The boats used are both custom made for their specific roles, the Fly fishing boat is a 24ft monohull with front and rear casting decks, it has a stowaway rod rack and flush mounting so that fly lines will not run the risk of becoming stuck. If you are on a game fishing trip with us here you will have the luxury of a 4 man 30ft custom monohull with carbon outriggers and state of the art sonar.


Our guides have got vast amounts of experience in guiding for saltwater species, this experience makes a huge difference when trying to target multiple species. The level of guidance that is provided can only have a positive influence on any anglers fishing capabilities, no matter what their experience level is. During your stay you will spend your fishing days on the 24ft fly fishing boat in pairs with your guide looking after you both, with the boats twin casting decks you will both be able to fish at the same time for some species but then take it in turns for shots at some of the more spooky species.


Peak season for most species is October to May

Gear and Equipment


(Rod hire is available at $90 per outfit per week, any breakages will insure a charge of $150)

 • 9ft 9wt or 10wt fly rod matched with a large arbour saltwater fly reel, with smooth reliable

drag. Loaded with at least 200 yards of 50-65lbs braid backing.

 • 9ft 11wt or 12wt fly rod matched with a large arbour saltwater fly reel, with smooth reliable

drag. Loaded with at least 200-300 yards of 80-100lbs braid backing.

 • 1 x WF 9wt or 10wt F. (Saltwater Tropical floating fly line suitable for warm water


 • 1 x WF 9wt or 10wt (F/I). (Saltwater Tropical fly line with a 10-15ft clear intermediate sink tip

suitable for warm water conditions).

 • 1 xWF 12wt saltwater Tropical floating line suitable for warm water conditions.

 • 1 x 15lbs Fluorocarbon tippet material.

 • 1 x 20lbs Fluorocarbon tippet material.

 • 1 x 30lbs Fluorocarbon tippet material.

 • 1 x 120lbs Suffix Zippy leader. 



Flies and fly packages can be purchased from us once you arrive.

Our flies are hand tied and bespoke to our specifications and what works here in Oman

 • Crab patterns - Size 2 to 1/0 hooks - tied with heavy dumbbell eyes.

 • Shrimp Patterns - Size 2 to 1/0 hooks - tied with heavy dumbbell eyes.

 • Clousers - Size 2/0 hooks - (tan, chartreuse over white). With heavy lead eyes.

 • Poppers/NYAPS - Size 6/0

 • GT Flies - Size 6/0 to 8/0 - bait fish patters

(All flies preferably tied on Gamakatsu SL12s hooks)


Arabian Fly Oman Fly Pack - $100

Custom tied for our waters

2 x NYAP ($8*)

2 x Brush Flies ($8*)

2 x 3D Baitfish ($6*)

2 x Africanus Crab ($6*)

2 x Rolling Bead Crab ($5*)

2 x Rolling Bead Shrimp ($5*)

5 x Clouser ($5*)

*Price per fly if purchased individually

Recommended Clothing

• UV Proof long sleeve flats shirt (Soft natural colours - Bright colours spook fish!)

 • UV proof quick dry zip off trousers or shorts (Soft natural colours - Bright colours spook


 • Hat/Cap

 • Buff

 • Sun gloves

 • Comfortable and light walking/wading shoes with good drainage. (suggest Columbia/

Soloman/simms booties, must have a solid sole for walking on rocks.)

 • Polarised sunglasses. (Costa del Mar 580 Amber with blue mirror lenses) Spare pair is


 • Lightweight waterproof backpack.

 • Pliers or Forceps for removing hooks and squashing barbs.

 • Waterproof fly box

 • Waterproof Sunscreen (SPF 30+)

 • UV protection Lip Block

 • Blister plasters/bandaids (we carry a basic first aid kit as well) 


You, as a client, don't have to pay any extra for our support services. Any questions, queries, and concerns about our destinations, the organization of your pre-trip, or any doubt, you can ask us without additional cost. Don't hesitate to text us, traveling with Pointer is always worth it.

And this is very important: By purchasing your trip through us, you are elegible to get extra gift and rewards, like a voucher open for 3 years for 50% off in your accommodations on your next Fly Fishing trip to Argentina in one of our lodges, you can choose between Trouts in Northern Patagonia or Golden Dorado in the Paraná river.

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