This destination is hosted by a well known fisherman, Grant Hartman.

Here you are going to find the highest quality fly and spin gear on board our boats at all times. 

If you are a fly fisherman we have Sage and G.loomis rods with Abel and Tibor reels and loaded with RIO fly lines.  Only the best.

If you like spinning, we have light G.Loomis and TFO Spinnig rods with Shimano reels loaded with braid Spiderwire.  

Fish come to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the feast. We invite you to come for a fly fishing or light tackle fishing experience you will remember for a lifetime. 


The fishing

When your fishing day starts, when the sun rises over the East horizon and the harbor is alive with anticipation; when you motor out past the arch rocks with a chorus of sea lions barking and frigate birds circling; all this before the first hurrah of "fish on". Then you will know the true joy of bluewater fly and light tackle angling with us. 

The Sea of Cortez is a giant fish trap. Warm waters with shrimp, squid, sardines, herring, mackerel and other food flow to Pacific predators like blue marlin and Black marlin, striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, dorado (mahi mahi or dophinfish), and wahoo. Close to shore roosterfish, jack cravelle, Sierra mackerel, red & cubera snapper, 3 kinds of trevally, yellowtail, black skipjack, pompano, grouper, lady fish and others abound.  




Roosterfish or pez gallo are unique to the tropical Pacific. These fish are found in-shore near the sandy beaches. They are the predators of the surf. Roosterfish are members of the jack family and can grow to over 100 pounds.

The ideal fishing situation is to find a school of roosterfish that has a school of bait herded against the shore. When this happens, the chance of a roosterfish eating your fly is greatest.

The most common and challenging method of fly-fishing for roosters is to slow troll a hookless live "cabillito," this is a small jack that is very strong and hearty. 

Striped Marlin

Cabo San Lucas is the acknowledged striped marlin capital of the world. These super-charged rockets weigh from 50 to 300 pounds, averaging 125. Catching an IGFA-legal striped marlin on a fly is considered one of the world's greatest angling feats.

The most common way to "get a shot" at a striper is to use conventional rods and troll hookless teasers.

It may take 15 minutes or 6 hours to get this fish next to the boat. Wendy's 136-pound world record striped marlin on 20-pound tippet took 2-hours, 45-minutes to boat. They are all different.


This may be the fish for which saltwater fly-fishing was invented. If everything is right, a dorado will eagerly chase and eat your fly. What follows will probably be the most acrobatic battles that you ever encounter.

There are several techniques for fly-fishing to dorado. These social fish will collect around any floating object. If there are dorado hanging around, we will stop and cast. Often, when a dorado is hooked, other fish in its group will stay around as long as it is hooked and kept in the water. At times everyone on the boat is hooked up to one of these flashing golden speedsters.

The dorado is a fast-growing fish, running from 5- to 70-pounds. Your average dorado will weigh 10- to 20-pounds.

Jack Crevalle   

In Spanish, this fish is called Toro, "the bull" and that's a great description. Found in schools close to shore, the Pacific jack crevalle is quite possibly the most neglected of all the Pacific sportfish. They will readily eat a fly and the resulting battle can last a long time. Toros pull hard and long, often using their platter-shaped bodies as resistance against your efforts to turn the fish towards you. The toro will average 8- to 20-pounds and can grow to over 40-pounds. 

Sierra Spanish Mackerel

The Sierra or Spanish mackerel is often the first fish an angler encounters on a fly. They are a school fish that makes their presence known to the angler by erratic splashes on the surface created by the bait trying to escape and the predator giving chase.  A wire "bite" leader is necessary when fishing for this toothy predator. The flies that we use imitate the smaller bait-fish that the Sierra feed upon.

The Sierra mackerel is considered by many to be the finest table fare of all the Pacific species (particularly prized as the main ingredient of ceviche) and a great sportfish.

Black Marlin 

A black marlin over 1,000 pounds is called "a grander" and is considered the ultimate marlin trophy. For fly-fishing, however, we look for the "rat," a black marlin under 200-pounds. During certain times of the year, there are concentrations of these "rats" around Cabo. I predict that we will see world record blacks caught here in the future.

The boats

In this destination we use exclusively 26' Glacier Bay Catamarans.

The boats are custom built, 26 ft., ocean catamarans powered by twin 4 stroke engines that are quiet, fume free and powerful. Our safe and soft riding cats are engineered to handle all sea conditions and have your safety, comfort and fishing convenience built in. You will find clear casting areas fore and aft, T-tops for shade and enclosed head for the ladies aboard.

Gear and Equipment

Fishing Rods & Reels

Our fishing day includes the use of top quality light tackle. Shimano reels, Loomis rods are on board. Some light tackle lures are custom designed. Lure usage is included. Lure loss is charged.

Blue water fly rods (10 wt - 14 wt) are loaded with high quality Abel or Loomis reels are available for daily rental. Having the correct tackle is always important but it is critical when you do battle with big blue water predators. A 50 pound yellowfin tune generates thrust equal to 8 horsepower. Imagine the stress when you hook a 100# plus marlin.

Fly Lines

We use high quality 12#-30# light tackle lines and the best intermediate intermediate and deep sinking lines on our fly reels. Proper lines and line backing are available in-store.

You can use your own leaders but again, the most suitable leaders are found in-store. If you are after world records we carry tippet material meeting IGFA requirements for the Kilogram levels you want to fish.


The flies are designed by Grant Hartman and specifically replicate local live bait. Most of the 70 world records were caught on Grants flies. A full selection of proven flies are available. A Captain's box of the best flies will be on board your boat. Flies used are charged. Patterns imitate sardines, herring, mackerel and other baits in sizes 2/0-6/0 if you are tying at home.

Recommended Clothing

Clothing should allow you to layer down during the day. Mornings are often cool. Rain/splash gear can add to your comfort. Polarized sunglasses are a must and we offer the best. Great hats are available in store or you can bring the "old reliable".

Live Bait

Finally, know that you will need to purchase live bait or chum each fishing day to help assure the level of action you want.

Clothing Suggestions

-Flats boots

-Fight- / stripping gloves

-Handling gloves

-Long-sleeved shirt (UPF30+)

-Pants (UPF30+)




-Waterproof backpack

-Saltwater Pliers

-Hook sharpener




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