Upper Parana for Golden Dorado

We are proud to let you know that Pointer Outfitters and Andes Drifters had made an agreement to offer some special fly fishing destinations in together, for trout in North Patagonia, in Junín de los Andes area, where Andes Drifters have their headquarters and Upper Parana for Golden Dorado.

After some months working in together and setting some special cast and blast trips, by the expertise of both CEO, Gustavo Hiebaum (Andes Drifters) and Pablo Aguiló, we are proud to introduce you this new destination.

Argentina had won reputation in the last years about the golden dorado fly fishing, and it is famous about dove hunting too. Now enjoy this amazing cast & blast option.

The aggressive nature of the dorado, its high jumps, and great fighting strength and stamina have created a great competitive market among anglers from all corners of the world, traversing South American waters in hopes of hooking a dorado. Ultimately, it has been recognized as a very important fly-fishing targeted species. Its aggressive behavior, fast runs, impressive strength, and brave fighting - frequently going airborne in the attempt to loosen itself from the hook, make this species a must-fish for fly fishermen.

Dorado or golden dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) is a large river fish found in central and east-central South America. Despite having Salminus in its name, the dorado is not related to any species of salmon, nor to the saltwater fish also called dorado. It is very popular among recreational anglers and supports large commercial fisheries.

There are other species in the Paraná River such as; Pacu (Piaractus Mesopotamicus), Pira Pita (Brycon Orbignanus), Surubi (Platistoma Fasciatum) and the main source of food for the Dorado, Bogas (which is similar to the American Carp).

Flies tied for dorado usually contain lots of flash. This fish likes shiny, colorful flies or black ones when the water is muddy or turbid. In the State of São Paulo, Brazil, clousers tied in white and blue deliver the best results. Due to the Dorado s very sharp teeth, it is very recommended that the angler uses a steel wire or a good piece of fluorocarbon monofilament bite tippet, to avoid losing the fish and the lure.

Our team is happy to present this exciting destination. We have launched this past season this trip which several customers have already tried and highly reviewed.

We believe this is the friendliest Golden Dorado offer on the market, ideal for those who want a taste of an exotic fish without going out of the comfort environment provided by a Lodge. Easy to get to with several daily direct flights from Buenos Aires and a Lodge less than 1 hour drive from Local Airport. And last but most important with the support and advice of local hosts and guides with a deep knowledge and over 15 years of experience on this unexplored fishery.

The Upper Parana River is home of the largest Dorados of this river system and allow us sight fishing opportunities due to stable clear water conditions. It also features the spectacular addition of dry flies fishing to Pacu and Pirapita, which are 2 amazing species that add a lot of value to this program.

Best Regards,

Gustavo Hiebaum - Andes Drifters

Pablo Aguilo – Pointer Outfitters

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