Sea Run Brown Summit

What will be the Summit for fly fishing? That is a difficult question and we should think that the answer should be personalize because there is NOT a single one summit, in our opinion, Rio Grande, Argentina in Tierra del Fuego province, down south Patagonia is one of the paradises for avid fly fishermen’s. Sea-runners are brown trout (salmo-trutta) that have, as juvenile fingerlings, made a decision to move away from freshwater and to live in saltwater.

This specie conjures up visions of ocean fed Sea Run Brown Trout held in the hands of expertise anglers in days with extreme wind and sun.  With high daily catch rates of fish averaging 8 to 13lbs and strong returns every year.

One of the finest lodges in Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, is Estancia Maria Behety, which has the longest area of Rio Grande River and more than dozen years on the fishing dreams. Rio Grande is the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Sea run brown trout mean leaving a side creek or tributary of a larger estuarine system and moving into the ocean. After taking up residence in this part fresh, part saltwater environment the fingerlings undergo minor physical changes to their gills which will later allow them to live in a totally saltwater environment. Having acclimatized in the first 1-2 years of their lives, the fingerlings move even further downstream towards saltwater.

Upon reaching a near saltwater environment potential sea-run fish have to decide whether or not to leave the estuary. Generally speaking resident trout do not do as well as their sea-going brother and sister fish and usually spend most of their time scrounging for whatever food items they can find. Living as a resident is very much a second existence in comparison to that of a sea-runner.

I had personal enjoy fishing at the Rio Grande a couple of times, and hook some of my best memories fishing with good friends like Bruce Peeler and Tim Leach, and expertise friends like William Leach and James Mc Kay.

It is important that fly fishermen’s that hasn’t been to Argentina yet, realize that fishing Tierra del Fuego means, spey rods, strong winds, early wake up calls, long siestas, and dinner like 12pm when we are back from the river. Day light in summer time in south Patagnia is long as could be in Alaska, so normally in January anglers could be in the river till the end of the day with the last light of the day.

Your guides are everything, they really know how to read this unique and unpredictable river, and most important they have most answers in terms how to stream or drift a fly. At Estancia Maria Behety anglers will be able to fish both sides of the Rio Grande.  No other fishing lodge in Tierra del Fuego has a better access to the Rio Grande.

How you get there? Easy money! International flight to Buenos Aires, overnight in one of the most beatifuls cities in South America, and following morning you will take a 3 hours flight to go down south, to Rio Grande City. From there it will be like 15 minutes’ drive. A warm up session and you will be ready for action.

Season goes from November to April, and prime time could be March. The greatest at Maria Behety Lodge are the 100 prime pools on 32 private miles of the lower Rio Grande. The guides are renowned for both their intimate knowledge of the Rio Grande and consistent success in bringing monster sea trout to the bank.

At Estancia Maria Behety you will enjoy delicatessen meal and great camaraderie. Anglers can enjoy amenities like single room occupancy, a Jacuzzi, pool table, radiant floor heat, private chef and a huge wine cellar. Please, never hesitate to request personal opinions or advice regarding flies or casts; or where to cast your fly. Guides will be always ready to take you fishing some great pools and runners. Remember that in the middle of a windy day, any time you could have a strong hook and a 10lbs se run brown trout will be fighting for freedom in your line.

Weather is very important, and Catch rates will vary with weather conditions.

Experienced anglers know that Sea Run Brown trout fishing on the Rio Grande is the summit to any other anadromous Brown Trout river in the world. 

Believe it; it is difficult to express the feeling about this unique fishing in a short writing report, so please feel free to contact us for further info.


Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Fly Fishing


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