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Golden Dorado and Thousands Doves

We truly mean it when we say that regarding the hunt, the only limits are in your mind! Every hunting trip is tailor made around our guest's desires, and this one wasn't about to be the exception! This group traveled to Argentina to do Cast and Blast in Santa Fe

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And we were happy to make it possible! They are two couples: Garrison, his wife Michelle; and Ryan with his wife Nancy. It was our pleasure to host them! 

This group arrived really early in the morning, but they were sort of tired, so we drove them directly to The Hunting Cabin in Santa Fe where we had lunch and siesta afterward. Then it was time to start the afternoon cast session, so waders on and we’re ready to go! The Hunting Cabin is a simple, yet elegant, rustic cabin that has been thought-out using the American hunting ways; so you’ll have your waders, muddy boots, shotgun, and a raincoat by the front door. And mostly, you’ll be an early riser to have a hearty breakfast, and then you’ll grab your gear and go have the most fun you’ll ever have!

While in San Javier river Nancy caught a beautiful golden Dorado of about 8 pounds, and we found a few riffles where the amount of fish was generous, so Michelle and Garrison caught five dorados with a few fishing rods we had ready for them: three weight-forward floating lines that help with long casts and better precision. On the other hand, Ryan brought his own fishing gear, also a WF floating line, but unfortunately, he didn’t have many catches; only a few tiny piranha-like fish that we call palometa and a few dorado bites here and there.

The next morning started a bit gloomy since it rained until 9 am so our fishing day started at about 10 am when the rain stopped. We provided our guests with yummy sandwiches and cool drinks for a relaxed lunch on the boat and we went up the Parana River where everyone was astonished by the sights. Parana is a river that has a jungle feeling to it because of all the plants on the riverside and tons of riffles and runs which favor different types of cast. On this particular river we all used black and red flies to follow the fly fishing 101: choose light colored flies when flyfishing light bottomed flats and darker colored fly patterns for dark bottomed flats. Our guests also got to see some of the local wildlife; a few Yacares - which are relatively small crocodiles - and several Carpinchos - the largest living rodent in the world. The abundance of plants and animals in Santa Fe is remarkable. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Since our Cast and Blast programme is made up of flyfishing and Dove shooting, it was time to do some Wingshooting! So on the following two days, we drove to the fields in the area of Vera y Pintado - at about 70 miles north of San Javier. The weather was amazing these days, so hunting conditions were exceptional and we weren’t about to waste it. While in the campsite, we had our typical asados involving some beef tenderloin, local chorizos, chicken, and dove skewers covered in bacon with our delightful chimichurri sauce plus some delicious dove au vin. Needless to say, our guests took their hats off to the chef!

Regarding the Dove hunt, everyone enjoyed tons of birds. Garrison on the very first day joined the 1000 dove club, he was so excited when I gave him his complementary T-shirt! Some of his friends had already warned him about the copious amount of birds they found in Cordoba, but he was amazed to find that in Santa Fe, doves are abundant as well. To put it in his words, you can achieve whichever number you want to add to your shell count!

As we said goodbye to our guests, they thanked us for the great service and told us they had felt at home! We truly had an amazing time with them, and hope to see them again soon. So, there you have it! There’s no hunting combination we can’t do, just let us know what you have in mind and our amazing staff can arrange it for you, there’s no excuse…



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