Premier Destination for Fly Fishing

Cuba has become a new fishing destination, not only for the natural beauty of its beaches and reefs but for the profitable fishing of some of the best sport-fishing species, such as bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, jack cevalle, barracuda, snapper, cubera, etc. Read the latest testimonials of two groups that enjoyed great fishing experiences in the Caribbean sea.

Situated on the Caribbean, Gardens of the Queen consists of a vast area with countless islands, reefs, beaches and flats forming a large archipelago of about 124 miles long. Over 249 miles separate Havana from Jucaro, the harbor with access to the fishing areas. Not only the area is known for its variety of fish and spectacular scuba diving, but also for the sport fish variety such as: bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, jack cevalle, barracuda, snapper, cubera, etc.

Hello everybody!

Our fly fishing experience at the Gardens of the Queen was awesome. We nailed it!

I was extremely nervous in the coming days before our trip due to the tropical storm and sub-tropical moisture that had plagued the region for almost all of May. The day we arrived to Jucaro, the weather seemed to take a turn for the better. The ride out to the fishing grounds was as smooth as ice. We didn’t have the best sun for the week, but because there was no wind, we could see tarpon rolling everywhere and bonefish tailing in the shallows. 

We ended feeding over 280 tarpon between 8 anglers. That’s pretty impressive. Rigo made the comment that we had jumped more fish in the first three days then he had all of May. The guides did an awesome job of putting us on fish. Everyone was covered in fish each day. I’d fish with all of them again and again.

The boat staff did a phenomenal job again. Jany worked tirelessly all week long. A couple of the guys wondered if she ever took a break. Everyone, except for the new captain seemed to remember me which was nice and gave the rest of the group comfort knowing we would be well taken care of. 

The chef did an amazing job. The meals seemed to improve with each passing day. One of the fishermen, George Boykin, complimented him each night and asked the chef to come out so that we could all thank him for the fantastic meals. 

The captain, sailer and engineer did a fantastic job of helping in the kitchen, dining room and with our departure and return from fishing. 

Usually, I can find a couple of things that are worth mentioning that could use improvement, but this trip went flawlessly. Everyone in my group had the best time and appreciated all of the hard work by the crew and guides. 

Thanks again,

Think Salty!




Cayo Largo is a paradise where fishermen can enjoy and share with their families and non-fisherman friends. In Cayo Largo you can bonefish on white sand flats while your family enjoys the breathtaking beaches, enjoy a cocktail in the hotel pool, or participate in one of the numerous activities the resort offers. 

Hi everybody!

In an important way, I dont want to write this review of Avalons Cayo fishing program and operation in Cayo Largo because I dont want anyone else to know how great it is and competing for my spot on next years trip. But thats not fair, so here goes.

The trip to Cuba and to Cayo Largo and the fishing was all wonderful again. I just love Havana and even though I had a great time onboard the Avalon II last year, I have to say Cayo Largo is even better. The bonefish are significantly bigger and more numerous, and we got many, many shots at permit. I caught the second permit of my life on the very first morning and had a Grand Slam by noon. Later in the week, I caught my first snook. Rufus and I caught 5, 6, 7 lb bonefish frequently and had 30+ fish days. 

Yosvani and the guides offer and run one of the best, most professional fishing programs and operations Ive ever seen, and Ive been lucky enough to see dozens all over the world. The program is thoughtfully designed and executed, the guides are first-rate, and the boats and equipment in excellent condition.

The accommodations at Hotel Sol were much nicer than what you get at most fishing lodges, the transport over to the marina always on time and comfortable, the food was decent and the bars and cigars were great. The level of service was high and the friendliness of the staff exceptional.

Overall, Cayo Largo is a 10 out of a 10. Look for us to be booking again for 2019.

Thank you for all your help to make the trip possible and such a great experience.



You should be the next one!


Thanks Matias Avalon

By Pointer Outfitters

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