Strobel Lake - The Adventure of a Lifetime - Part I

Strobel Lake: a mystic and mighty place.

It was discovered a few years ago, around 12 or 14 years ago. It is a close lake, placed in a volcanic plateau, located in the center of the Santa Cruz province, South Patagonia. This plateau is flat and full of basins, which throughout the years have been filled with the melted water from the area. 

Originally, the lake had no fish at all. It was not until 1995 when a local from El Calafate -who had a fish farming- that introduced his own fish. His idea was to breed the Trouts for sale.

Since it is a remote and isolated place, which requires a 5-hour driving to arrive, the Trout could reproduce almost without any predator threatening their population. 12 years ago the first group of local guides and fishermen decided to go exploring the lake. It took them 2 days of travelling, the last 3 hours of the trip by foot, to reach this amazing place. They were amazed by the huge number of fish. Moreover, the landscape was -and still is- breathtaking: a desert area, full of thorn bushes, black stones on one side, while in the other stones are white as a result of the dry algae. Unfortunately, the melting of recent years has not been enough to fulfill the whole lake, and the water level register is dropping 2 meters approximately each year. 

As I have mentioned before, this place is unique. Laguna Verde has developed a business in this fascinating landscape. Back to its first days, it was a small country house. Currently, they have 10 rooms full equipped and comfortable. The living and sitting room is the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful view to the Laguna Verde -the lagoon to which the lodge owns its name- and relax. 

Regarding the fishing, it is a very particular destination. The weather can be harsh but it is all worthwhile. The wind can be between 40 and 80 kilometers per hour, which makes it almost impossible to cast. When this happens, the fishing guide will take your to another lake where winds are not that strong. 

You will be able to catch Rainbow Trout, weighing from 6 to 18 or 20 pounds. The fishing is awesome. In our particular week we had 4 days sunny and nice, 1 of them with no wind at all. the other 3 days were windy, but good enough to fly fish. The day that was cold, cloudy and very windy we ended up fishing in a lagoon at the end of the day because the view in the water is much more complicated and also the waves and not to have lightining makes the fishing difficult: one because you dont see the fish and two the cast. 

What is completely different from other fishings that I have done is that here you fish from the shore fishing into the lake. Most of the times you can see the fish, but other times the wind makes it impossible. 


This is only a small part of the fishing adventure. Stay tuned to know all the details! 


Pablo Aguiló

CEO and fishing expert


Pointer Fly Fishing

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