Strobel Lake - The Adventure of a Lifetime - Part II

Here comes the second part of this amazing adventure. Keep on reading and get hooked!

What makes it very special to go to this remote area, flying to Strobel Lake, are its logistics. Everything is carefully and perfectly planned. You feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, close to being in the moon.

Normally people would come to Buenos Aires, and from there they take a connection to El Calafate city. It is a 3 hour and 20 minute flight. You land there and you see The Andes on the one side and on the other El Lago Argentino. It is fascinating. Once there, we drove in a mini van for 5 hours, in the middle of a dry desert area. Yet, that is what makes this place so beautiful. There are a lot of guanacos and sometimes you may also have the chance to see pumas. Besides, what makes this place so interesting apart from the trout and the fishing, are the guides. They are amazing. Nico is the one running the show. He is the manager, a person who has been in the business for more than 20 years, working in different big companies. Martin, the main guide has worked here for about 9 seasons. He knows exactly what he is doing. Then, there are more guides. Our guide was Nano, an excellent professional. He was so helpful, making everything easier for us. Ivan, an energetic person, with one of the best sense of humor I have ever known. Marco, very attentive, he was always bringing us drinks and everything we need. The whole team makes this trip amazing. Another important part of the trip are the fishermen you are travelling with. The group that came the same week as we did was the best one we could have asked for. Some of us knew eachother from the past. We shared an amazing week. 

Regarding the lodge, I would like to highlight the Wi-Fi connection. When you are in such a remote area, you might find it difficult to communicate. However, the connection was excellent and it made everything easier. 

Moreover, the Laguna Verde lodge is quite close to the fishing area. The distance is between 10 to 12 kilometers. Yet, as the roads are not easy to go through, it might take half and hour or a little bit more to get to the lake. In this sense, the vehicle takes an important role. They were all Toyota 4x4 vans. The drivers were very careful, so everything was perfect. 

The weather can change in any moment. This means that you need to bring good fishing gear. Clothing is essential. You need a thermal shirt, fleece vests, fleece jackets, jackets windbreakers, feathers jackets and a weatherproof jacket because it can rain anytime. The gloves are very important and also the buff. Underwear clothes for the wader must be thin and a little bit thick for cold. The measures for this kind of fishing have to be similar for what people use to ski in order to keep the foot warm. In the weeks of middle season (January, February and some days of December) we can have some sunny and warm days, where the clothing will be more simple. Anyway, it is always good to have a coat and something else for raining days because the weather is very changing and you never know what to expect.

In a typical day, you wake up at 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. Breakfast is served at 8:30. It is very complete: scrambled eggs, fruits, cereals, etc. Around 9:00 we are ready and 9:30 we go fishing. At 1 p.m. it finishes and we have a lunch break next to the lake. There is a beautiful Parador fully equipped. Then, you can take a nap in the vans if you are tired. Later, the fishing continues from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. At that time, you go back to the lodge. The showers of the lodge are excellent because they have hot water all the time - a very important point to take into account in this kind of destination.


Pablo Aguiló

CEO and fishing expert

Pointer Fly Fishing

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