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First Fly Fishing Rod

It was not till I was twenty years old that I had to buy a fly fishing rod. My good friend Felipe had invited me to go to Villa La Angostura city, close to the Nahuel Huapi Lake and National Park, to fly fish with him for a week. I was excited.

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I had my first St. Croux #7 rod, a reel with two pools, floating line and a sinking line; and of course my first waders. For me that was a lot of equipment, and now is 5 different rods, lines for salt water and fresh water, flies for Patagonia for sea run brown trout, for northern Patagonia, or Caribbean and also Alaska. But let’s get back to the beginning.

I made my back-up and got clothes and tackle for almost 10 days. It was exciting. It took us like 20 hours by bus to get there. Yeap!, a long trip. But we had enjoyed every minute. Patagonia was the meaning of freedom. 

I had to confess that the first day on my friend’s back yard was disappointing. To watch him doing his fly cast and myself fighting to keep that line in the air was very frustrating. I have to confess that I do not remember exactly how many days took me to learn to do it. But I remember that every time I had the wind in my back I was happy and I had the feeling I was Mel Krieger. And with the wind in my nose, it was almost impossible. I fly fished the lake and rivers around the area. The boat ride in the lake was amazing. The feeling of freedom was unique. To be alone in that remote area trying to catch a fish was a dream come true. And I had got only 2 fish.

Yes, only 2 fish in a week was more than enough to get addicted. The feeling of fighting with 4 pounds trout for the first time was scary and full of adrenaline. What a great memory. 

After that trip I made more than a dozen trips to fly fish in north Patagonia, in rivers like Alumine, Quillen, Collon Cura, Malleo, Chimehuin, Calufu, Meliquina, Rivadavia, Correntoso, Filo Hua hum and Limay in between others. 

In the Filo Hua Hum, I had one of the best fishes of my life with my good friend Juan Dumas.  We saw a fish in a clear water while we were taking a short rest. Juan held me and checked what the trout was eating in the surface, and then he said: “I got it”. He opened his flies’ box, and tied one for me. Very generous he let me try first, even though he had more experience. That is another fish I will never forget. I will write you about it in a next report.

So, if north Patagonia was a dream made real, when Juan Dumas took me to San Pablo River in Tierra del Fuego, I was in paradise. We set a tent for a week and we both fly fish the whole time. That is one of my favorite’s trips. We walked 2 hours to get to the river. I was so close and I was not able to be in the Rio Grande.

It was some years later, and thanks to Fernando de las Carreras, that I was able to get my first sea run brown trout in Rio Grande. It was a great experience and I have the chance to work with Fernando and his team, and also have the chance to take some guests fishing. Also, thanks to Fernando, I was able to be in The Bahamas and fly fish my first bonefish. Thanks to Mark Mattox I was able to get my first tarpon. Thanks to Greg Reyes I was able to fly fish Alaska. Thanks to Dillon Bacon I was able to fish in Panama. Thanks to Ariel I was able to catch some dorados in Santa Fe. Thanks to Cristian I was able to flyfish dorados in Salta. Thanks to some other friends I had fly fished a lot since then. Now I remember my first red bass with Bill Himmel. I am only in my forties and still so many more places to fly fish. Cuba is coming next November and Brazil is coming next April. 

Who knows how many more places I will be able to fly fish, but I can tell you right know, you will never forget the friends you made in the river. 

With fly fishing I learned catch and release, I learned how important is to take care of our planet. And I learn how to experience freedom every time the water runs and I have a fly rod.

I hope you join us some day for fly fishing. We hope you join us again for fly fishing. We hope there will be more and more trip coming for fly fishing. I dream to fly fish with my brothers again. I dream we will fly fish with my son Joaquin if he likes it. We hope we both get passion about it together soon. There is always a river waiting for us. But now, I should go to sleep that tomorrow we will go fishing in south Texas, not far from the border with Mexico.

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Tierra del Fuego is considered as one of the great destinations for catching trout. This place has kept a certain degree of mysticism that is a magnet for any adventurer who craves a unique and unrepeatable experience. And although life does not abound on the terrestrial level, for some years now its waters keep an infinity of fish species, or large sizes and varieties, which have transformed this remote stage in an internationally recognized place for sports fishing and fishing with fly. #patagonia #flyfishinglife #fishing #trout #argentina #pointeroutfitters #explore #aroundtheworld #outside #outsiders

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