Tsimane 2021 Fishing Report Week 2

Pluma Lodge May 22 -29, 2021 Week 2

In the second week of our season we received a group of fellow anglers from The Fly Shop hosted by Mike Michalak itself, who’s been with us many times before. 

The first day of fishing was incredible with multiple dorado landed and the biggest one (18 lb) caught by John Leonard.

The rest of the week was sunny with shallow water in all the river sections, turning the fishing more technical but still rewarding for our persistent anglers. Many medium sized and nice fish and a 20 lb plus landed by Mike Michalak on the Secure river at the very end of the week.


Agua Negra Lodge

May 22 -29, 2021

Week 2

After 18 month of rested waters, we are back in the jungle!

In the very opening of the season we hosted a nice family from Colorado: Bill Baugh and his 3 sons. They enjoyed 2 consecutive weeks at Tsimane spending the first one in Pluma lodge and the second one in Agua Negra lodge.

The fishing and the weather were perfect, as well as the expected arrival of the sabalo’s migration with the dorados chasing them. These conditions gave our anglers the chance to catch many big dorado on the main Secure River and sight cast for a really nice surubí (stripped cat fish) who was taking advantage of the dorado’s feeding frenzies.

The agua negra river was very clear and we enjoyed many feeding frenzies in the way up to our camp. We spent one night camping out in the jungle and 2 days of fishing in the upper part of the Agua Negra river and we had the chance to sight cast for big dorado and some nice Pacu too.

The biggest fish of the week was a 25lb Dorado on the main Secure river.



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