Fly fishing in Villegas River at the bottom of Cholila

We drive to Villegas River at the bottom of Cholila River to do some fly fishing.

We woke up at Carrileufu River Lodge around 7:30 am. The light of the morning was already outside and we were able to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the sunrise.

I had an amazing breakfast at around 8.30 with some of our good friends that were staying at the same lodge, the plan for today was informed to us by Negro Segovia, and this morning we are going to fly fish at the Villegas River. This river is tributary for the River Tigre, which goes to the Tralila Lake, and from that lake is where it starts and the Carrileufu River is born. So to go, we had to make the logistics of driving about half an hour to get to the lake and then in the lake we dropped the boats and we went with our boat 50hp power and crossed the lake at about 20 more minutes once we got into the Rio Tigre. 

The Rio Tigre is a nice open river. It's not easy to wade it all the time, and it's got some deep nice holes, so they got that color in between the blue and gray-white.  It's a very clear river to see fish especially if there is no wind and we were able to see some fish when we were walking up to go to the Villegas river.

The Villegas river is a smaller tributary, it comes from the glacier up in the Andes, and it has some nice turns and holes and runs but when you go upstream, if you go too far up you're going to find out there are less and fewer holes and structures so we were able to do some amazing fishing in the part between of the Rio Tigre and the next three miles at the river. 

We started fishing with some main flies and we were dropping some dry flies first, at all from outside very close to the shore to see if there is some of the fish up there because the river structure is no bigger than a road and it was very low at the time of the river we were fishing and the fish were mostly in the holes after the rains or in the water that was after the rains and we were dropping some dry flies in the main flies and letting them go through where we thought the fish where.

The action was very good. I would say that in almost every hole there was a fish or more than a fish and we were catching very nice fish all morning with German one of our guides from Mendoza and Javier the other guide. That morning Aldo was our Baquiano Guide guy telling us where it was that the road and how to make it happen to get to the water and he was telling us where the river and then the good parts of the river where and the guides German and Javier were telling us how to cast every part like it was very important to cast upstream when we were doing the dry flies, in some areas that it was a little deeper we tried just to enjoy a little bit and we tied another nymf and we did some little fly fishing too.

We did not use any streamers in this river, it's a very nice special river because it's very nice and clear and it's a short small spring creek with water from glaciers that make it very very amazing.

The fishing was great and the weather was very very helpful we were on our 80F, the fishermen got around 15 to 20 fish each, we did a camp and we had a lunch in the river i got some gourmet sandwich that we took with us, we had a couple of drinks and then after lunch we keep fly fishing.

At the end of the day we went to Lake Chralila and we decided to try some luck fly fishing in the lake. 

German did some cast and he got a couple of good fish and Pablo ended up fishing after him. It was very amazing to have the chance to fish in the lake, and it's a highly recommended place to go fly fishing in a lifetime.

The side of the fish at the Rio Villegas were very very nice. We considered that is a small creek coming from the Glacier and running from the Andes up to the first lake. I will say that with a number five road, even with a four you can have a lot of fun fishing in that stream..

 Aldo, our Baquiano Guide, was very good at sightseeing fish. He was able to let us know how many fish and where they were located in every hole, we must say that makes our life easier.

Javier drove us back after we took the boat out of the lake, we did the driving while we were drinking a beer and talking about the things that happened that day. After at the lodge Pancho and his crew were waiting for us, we had a very nice Argentinian steak with some red wine. We enjoyed an amazing dessert with some blue cheese ice cream with figs. It was amazing. 

Then after dinner we had a couple of drinks with the other fishers and we told a story about different places where we had all been fly fishing and having fun in our life.

I hope you enjoy this report from this amazing river where we fly fish and join us soon. 

-Tight lines, Pablo Aguiló.

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