Week 5 - Amazing experience!

This week of Agua Negra’s season was fantastic, with perfect weather — not many sunny days and mild weather. The team hiked with guest Jim Minner and his three sons Peter, Paul, and Patrick, on the hunt for large dorado and pacu.

At the beginning, we found some very nice feeding frenzies. At the upper section the fishing was more technical, and we mostly targeted dorado that were quietly placed behind and below rocks.

The biggest fish of the week was a nice 30-lb. dorado caught by Jim in a very nice riffle on the Upper Agua Negra.

Also, we received nine guests, five from the U.S. and three from Argentina. The weather was great throughout their stay, with a few overcast days at the beginning.

Fishing was stable all week with more than ten fish over 20-lb. landed, and many more fish over 10-lb. We found success mostly in the lower sections, where we used larger flies and intermediate lines. Three fish were sight cast to and caught in the upper areas. We also had a few opportunities of fishing to fish in a feeding frenzy in the upper Itirizama, which was as low and clear as it gets.

The week showcased the unique, different sides of the jungle, including visual contacts with jochi, tapir, honey badgers, and even a jaguar — the most iconic specie of the Amazon Forest.

The fishing increased during the week, only getting better from the beginning and giving the best opportunities in the last two days on the classic bits of water. Fishing held a high level through all the week in the upper sections; the headwaters gave us a many dorado of varying size, including a 20-lb. fish caught in an amazing feeding frenzy situation on only 10 inches of tail out. 

-Tight lines, Tsimane Lodge

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