Lake 2 Rio Pico Patagonia Argentina

News fishing in Lake 2 Rio Pico Patagonia Argentina . Natural Chubby Chernobyl, Black Chubby Chernobyl, Red Turk’s Tarantula, Parachute Adams.

To get to this lake normally people go to Esquel airport and then they can even drive to the area, which is about 3 hours drive and then you get to the amazing lake 2, composed of 5 different lakes and 6 different rivers. We decided to go to Lake Number 2 in the area of Pico City located in Chubut, with Juan, Pablo, Marcelo and Roberto. All of us went to do some research and do some Fly Fishing with high expectations of big trout between 20 and 40 inches. We drove in the morning from Travelin, a city in Chubut, where we have been fishing in the Futaleufu River, and then we departured to Travelin at 7 in the morning, finally arriving  at 9.30 am to the city of Rio Pico where we buyed some necessary things at the grocery store and then our turn to find out the fishing place at the lake came. We got into the gravel road and then opened a couple of gates trying to find a farmer that would give us the keys to open the gate to get into the lake. 

All this driving is through main roads to get to Rio Pico, and then it is all gravel roads. The city town of Rio Pico is about one hour drive, and we get our drifting boats, our roads and everything in the pick up tracks. Really all of us were very excited to learn about this new place that we haven’t been fly fishing before. For Juan and I it was very important to do this research in terms of bringing our friends fishing here, because the context and people talking and working together in the Fly Fishing business are great with a high reputation and they are doing a great job.

After this drive and setting our things in the camp, we went to the water, dropped the drift boat, got into our waders, by the way, most of us wore even the same waders and just the same boots.

The day was completely amazing because this part of Patagonia is normally very windy but today was kind of sunny, cool weather and there was a small breeze so it allowed us to fish the whole day with our t-shirts and shorts. The weather was amazing!

One of the things we saw in the water was the wind was not making the little waves that can make complicated the cast so we were able to have some sightseeing and see some fish moving around and after that, we find out they were not working with the dry flies and not even the nymphs on the bottom so after we tried this sophisticated Fly Fishing type of fishing, we decided to go under the water with some beautiful streamers that we had. Marcelo Widman loved the green and black and all the beautiful colors. Roberto likes the very colourful ones, he got an orange and white and I have to say that ones Roberto broughts into the table seems they were goods with the winds and the clouds but not with the sunny days, so we were having some very goods cast and very good strips, we tried short, we tried long cast, we tried fast strips and some short strips, and we don't know how it happened but we got the first fish very quick, and that was Marcelo, I think he made a mistake and he finally hooked a fish, was a very nice fish around 24 inches, well that was he said “24 for Pablo, is 24!” I didn't measure it, so let's suppose it was 22, really it was pretty amazing!

Fishing Lake 2 during the season normally begins November 1st, at that time of the season we fish with streamers mainly, because we have cold water and the fish, they are kind of  hanging down close to the bottom as the summer days come close back we start the season fish rising and then that's the time when we are targeting this fish with bigger dry flies, Chavy Chernobyls, Chernobyls, imitations of Dragonflies, and fishes start to move way closer to the surface and there is where we have a lot of surface action, the team also use some nymphs as droppers, and some other tenses always covering the water from a raft and looking at the structure, we can find around the lakeshore and as the summer goes by, the water starts to warm up a little bit and fish can not hang around the surface still mid January. 

We started to move the droppers quite down, all the way down to 5 to 7 feet deep and right at the end of the season, which for us is late March and beginning of April, we mainly target this fish with streamers, but me and my partners never lose the chance of fishing at dry flies, even though, you can have the dry flies situation any time!

Talking about the equipment for the lake, it is very important to bring a 6 weight or 7 weight road, it is a must to have a really good reel with a nice drag because fish are pretty big.  The population of the lake is Brookies, Rainbows and Brown trout and they go from the range of 20 inches all the way up to 40 inches. It's also very important to bring a sinking line. It could be a 250 grain sinking tip, it must be 24 feet or longer and that's the one you will use in the 7 weight road. And in the 6 weight,  you may use the floating line; you must have those two choices every single time. For leaders we use 10 foot liters and tippets, it will be important to have 1x and 0x, that's because of the size of the fish we have to work with this size of the tippet, we can not go smaller, it could be dangerous.

Talking about clothes, we are in the mountain weather so it's very important to bring every single day a down and rain jacket just in case. Down jacket it's very important when the sun goes down, the water and air temperature drops quickly so that's the most important thing. Sun block always and sunglasses for sure!

Well, after talking about gear and equipment, and the conditions in the lake it's very important that you guys know what had happened exactly today: When were fishing and after Marcelo Widman got this beautiful 24 inches fish, Juan just said “guys this is not enough for the photos and videos, we you should get some more fish” and then he got the rod and he was playing with it for a few hours and when he wanted to know he got a 29 inches beautiful Rainbow Trout that was about  probably 29 pounds what for Patagonia especially North Patagonia is kind of an amazing trophy. Then our good friend Roberto has been doing some better fly casting things than Marcelo Widman, and he got a couple of good fish to 26 and 27 inches. It was a very big discussion in the boat about how important experience and enthusiasm is when you are fishing. Pablo, by the way, didn't get a shit, sorry didn't get anything, he was enjoying it because he loves fishing in big lakes and you know, working with some streamers in big water, like mountains and trying to get the nice fish. 

The day was beautiful, sunny by the way, for getting some kites in the air and seeing them in Northern Patagonia, but today it was a day for fishing not for running not for biking absolutely, was a day for fishing with Marcelo and Roberto. Anyway, we should say thank you to Roberto, he opened all the gates; and we should thank Marcelo, he drove the track ,since Roberto was working much harder, but forget about that guys! Let's get back to important things, is important to bring your rainy jacket, Marcelo told me like five times today and I said “Man is sunny” well, here when the winds blow, it can makes the water from the lake to get you completely wet, so never forget your rainy jacket and always be very careful when you do barbecue because you can get your meet completely wet with the weather here in Argentina if you prepare the barbecue very close by to the shore.

 So let me finish this report in a few minutes because now I have to handle some things in the office!

-Tight lines, Pablo Aguiló

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