The worm weather and low water condition gave us the chance to see many fish in every river of our system, we spent mostly mostly of the week fishing the main secure river were the fishing was very good, we had many chances for big dorados and landed a very good number of them. 

The fishing in the Agua Negra was as good as the secure but more technically to the low and clear water. The last day at the Agua Negra was super good, we landed more than 6 big Dorados and one very nice Pacu.

We received this time in Sécure lodge a team of 6 guests , 4 guys and a couple, all of them from United States and a completely new challenge for everybody about get Dorado on a fly rod…

Relative to weather situations, the temperature rising and getting warmer every day as in the air as in the water made very good fishing conditions, with clear and low water and sunny days all week long. That blend gave to everyone many chances for connect all sizes dorado in all the bits, fishing logs , deep channels and big structures downstream and detecting fish in crystal clear runs and shallow waters on the upper part of the river, with a great number of hooks up. About pacúes, the activity is slowly but consistently increasing, due to higher temperatures are coming and giving the ideal scenary for get them more active. 

The Biggest Dorado of the week was a 25 pounder, caught by Bob Seddon on a deep pool located up stream and close to the lodge.

In the meanwhile we received 8 anglers, 4 from the us, 3 from Russia hosted by Fernando from Bolivia. Sandy and Pepe from the US in their fourth trip with us. 

Weather was beautiful all week long, low and clear water conditions in all the beats. Difficult for approaching the spots but very fun overall.

The week produced 4 fish over 20 with one on each beat. Lower Secure was productive and we caught plenty mid sized fish, 10 pound range. 

The upper sections were very technical due the low water but Andy caught his biggest of about 20 pounds in the main Pluma.



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