Fly fishing Futaleufú River in Chubut Patagonia.


We woke up in the morning at the lunch and we find out that the day is going to be windy and a little bit cooler than the other days, so we are getting our program with our guides Marcelo and Roberto to go to the river. The lake goes all the way into the chilean country and runs through the mountains across the Andes till it gets to the Yachts Lake in the Chilean Patagonia from there Chilean Lake goes to the Yachts Fiver and ends up eats in the ocean in the pacific ocean in Chile. That makes this river huge and amazing and as the guy told us today it is full of fish.

 About 9:30 after breakfast and enjoying some talking about our days fishing in Patagonia we decided to get into our pickup tracks and drive with our drift boats to the shore, very close to the Aliquin Lodge and we put our you know our drift boats into the water and we got the chance to appreciate that the water is very clear but the wind makes this little waves that makes very difficult to sightseeing inside and we see that the huge river is impossible to wait anywhere that brings a lot of water. 

This time in the year of March the river is kind of low, which means it's about a meter and half lower than normal and it's probably about two and half yards lower than what it's normal. The current is strong but close by to the banks or close by to where the current is not going. The water is slower and most of the fish stayed even in the bottom of the big holes or they landed and stopped on the side in between the current and the shore so we got to fly fish in different structures here and the help for the guides was very very important. 

We had different options to fly fish. We decided to start with a number six rod with a floating line fishing with some dry flies and we tied some memes like a Cooper Jones on the bottom of the line. We did like a meter deeper the dry fly was working as a fly and also as an indicator with the we were fishing very close by to one of the shores not where the main current was going the opposite one and we were throwing our flies like a meter and half from the shore in between the algae areas and the rookie areas on another place were some trees were making some funny shades and we did a couple of fly casts in that area and about half hour later we've been so happy and amazed to see a fish a beautiful rainbow trout about 17 inches coming up and having our dry fly that was the first fish of the day and we were all very excited making noises and laughing, because the funny part was that the moment we got it. I was so amazed with the scenario and the landscape that i turned down and I was looking to the big mountains that are part of the Andes and i told the guy that Marcelo please  let me know if there is a fish getting into my flyer attacking my fly because I am enjoying the landscape and he says “si, si, si, SIIIIII'' that moment I found out that he was telling me that see that means that something get into my fly and before I had the chance to turn over. I was lucky enough to get that first fish so that was an amazing story to be tell and we enjoyed it a lot we laughed we went to the bank of the river we make some photos getting the fish wet not very high from the water and we all get hugs and enjoy that moment. 

We continued fishing the same way with the same system of water and these next parties were funny. It was a very nice hook. We saw it from far away, we got into that fish from a long cast and we got it. We saw the fish going to our name i saw that indicator coming down and whipped we hook it and we started laughing and having fun and i think that moment I lost a little bit of tension on the line just because pf the fun we were having and a few second later i lost that fish I have to say that it was not something painful it was a bigger fish probably 19-20 inches but it was so amazing the way we got it because we were able to see it

We get into an area where Marcelo told us that they saw a brown trout many times they couldn't fish it was just a big willow tree into the water and the water coming there and an airy happening there and I said Marcelo we are going to get a big fish there I am very confident i like the water so I did a couple of gas and we finally got that fish but the surprise was he was not the monster we were expecting it was a nice fish, it was another rainbow trout but it was not that monster so but that time we got it around 56 fish already on the boat and we decided to have another, you know to have our lunch and male our stop so on the side of the river we just got our great lunch like everyday and get some drinks and get some time to rest and then Marcelo said okay that the weather change is more windy now, windy means a lot of windy, and we are going to have to go to the next couple of spots where we’re going to be able to fly cast.

 We’re going to try some different things I would like you to go to the bottom of the water here and try to get some of the bigger brown trout that we got I saw we change our rod online and we started fishing with the sinking line 2810 grains with a long leader and a nice streamer fly a black  bully burger with bronze head and the idea was to drop the fly like a 30 to 40 yards in front and then let it sink and sink and get some line and make it sink and then strip strip with the current and trying to get the ones landing in the bottom I got to say that to make it short that we were not able to get a single fish with that mode. They would told me that they normally get fish but they were surprised because after that tiny rainy rain we got it in the afternoon and the cooler breeze that we lost the sum of the action and we got like a couple of hours with no bites, no action, no nothing.

 So that the fast waters did not provide any fish that afternoon. We've been able to get a couple of more fish in the evening but those fish are guarding. We got them in an area where the water was still. It was about meter’s deep but still water. It was on the other side of the current it was a little airy a lot of allergies and in that place we got a couple of fish and I lost a beautiful fish because when he was going up to the dry fly, I was used to this fish attacking very fast and this one was going too slow and relaxed to get the fly that I set the hook too early and we all noticed when the hook came up from the mouth and we were not able to catch that beautiful fish. 


The landscape is amazing the area at a Food Valley for river close by to the border with Chile Surprisingly amazing because that the huge mountains that trees all the vegetation the swanks that we saw some white swans with a black neck, beautiful swans around beautiful cormorant and you know birds docks the activity is just amazing like every day we ended up fishing like , or quarter to seven and once on the shore we got some coffee again and we enjoyed the camera of the day.

While I'm writing this for you guys, I'm having a beer at the beautiful town of Travel, before coming back to the lodge.

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