November 1-7 Patagonia




The Northern Patagonia region around the lodge has the largest variety of trout streams. We have access to fly fish in rivers, small creeks, lagoons and small lakes.


The first group arrived at Neuquén Airport, and met with the guides (Federico, Nicolás and David) to drive to the lodge 150 miles away.

Once they got to the lodge, which is characterized by its incredible peacefulness, they took some time to appreciate the unique views offered by Los Andes mountain range and the volcano, AMAZING!

They stayed at the lodge for the rest of the day, had a relaxing time, and a delicious lunch. After that,  they were ready to fish, so at midday they went directly to the river.

Just like the opening week at El Maitén, Caviahue experienced higher water than we had ever seen at our camps due to the large volume of snow during the winter.

Although these unfamiliar conditions brought some worry as to how the fishing would be in the first week, our guests were still able to have excellent fishing by using slightly heavier rigs to cut through the river depths. So there was no impediment to fish.


Mike got 5 trouts, and Steven 7! These were excellent results considering it was their first time ever fishing trout in the river.

Although it is not possible to fish in Lake Caviahue due to the sulfur-rich toxins that it receives from the Copahue volcano, which prevents the reproduction and life of fish, there are many other watercourses that are ideal for sport fishing.

It is important to always take into account the obligatory return in order to maintain the life cycle of these animals, as there is no nearby fish farming station that supplies fish on a regular basis.

They visited some lagoons:

Hidden Lagoon: It is a small natural lagoon, product of summer rainfall. Located on a cliff behind the villa, it gives visitors a panoramic view.

This lagoon in particular was a little tricky for fishing trout because of the water’s temperature. Trout were very calm and still, so they didn't get as many as they got at the river that same day (19 trout in total).

Trolope Lagoon: They found very good currents there, so they spent some hours fishing. This time, Mike came up with 18 trout and Steven with 14!

Chacosa Lagoon: Here they added 12 more fish to their total.

They practiced different fishing techniques during the entire week:

 -European style.

Dry Fly Fishing: The lure floats on the water just like insects do. For this, hair and feathers are used to help buoyancy. The three most popular dry flies are the Royal Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis, and Adams.

-Fishing with Nymph: The larvae of the flies in their period of aquatic life are imitated with the lure. The nymph is made thicker, with few hairs or feathers. The three basic nymphs are: Zug Bug, Hare's Ear, and Pheasant's Tail.

-Fishing with Streamers: It is the easiest lure to use. It mimics small fish, crustaceans, or whatever trout eat. The most used streamers are: Zonker, Woolly Bugger, Marabou Muddler and Bucktails Streamers.

They kept adding trout. At this point they caught 50 more!

While fishing, they could appreciate the Araucarian Trees that go up to 164 feet tall, a unique species in the world that only grows in the center of Patagonia, in about 70-80% of Argentina. They can be found in a small part of Chile too, but Argentina is the only place in the world where you can find such volumes of Araucarias. They can be appreciated from the lodge’s view too.

At the end of the day the group was very happy with the results, and as they said: The trip exceeded the expectations!

- We can’t wait to have them in Argentina again! Thank you for the patience, the trust and the effort! Let's keep fishing! -Pointer´s Team

- What a trip! Pointer Outfitters far exceeded our expectations! The Fly Fishing and food is best I’ve experienced, y’alls operation, chefs and guides are first class. It was the most inviting and customer services fishing and hunting experience I’ve had. Thank you to the entire Pointer staff for making this a once in a lifetime trip! We will be back!

-Steven Hayes

- What’s cookin’? I’ll tell you: Our trip was spectacular! Juan and the entire staff were so accommodating.

Guides: A+

Cooks: A+

Waiters: A+

Fishing: A+

And last but not least, Fede: A+, was cookin’ the entire trip!

Pointer Outfitters were above and beyond all expectations. Can’t wait to return.

Final report card: A+

-David, Jeff Weiss       

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