The experience of this fishing week was amazing. David and Taylor got 5 fish over 15 pounds, which was completely outstanding! Considering the whole group, they got more than 10 fish of 10 pounds. It was really good.

The weather was nice, although a little windy. Usually, that complicates things a little, but it wasn’t really a problem because the guides are always ready to take the group to another spot (even if it’s in a different lake) where the wind is not as bad or where they can shelter from it. If you are an experienced fly fisherman, you can cast with no problem.

Windy days mean a lot of waves. This makes the fish come closer to the shore, and to the fisherman. So, sometimes you may even catch fish at 2 yards.

If you want to catch the biggest Rainbow Trout in the world, you have to go to El Maitén for sure! This is truly a fishing adventure. This is ideal not only for experienced fishermen, but also for novice ones. The fishing is challenging, but you can come to improve your techniques.

One thing to note is that for Fly Fishing, you won’t be casting from the shore, like when you are fishing in a river and trying to catch the fish behind the trees and rocks. Here, it is completely different. You are in a lake with nothing in front of you, so you just need to put your cast there, and keep it floating.

Sometimes you can use nymphs, and other times, dry flies. Trouts don’t swim fast, so you can see the bite.  

On this occasion we went to Trolope lagoon with David and Taylor, where they caught 6 more trout near the river mouth. Also, we went to the White Stream (a stream is a natural current of water that normally flows continuously, but unlike a river, it has a low flow, which can even disappear during the dry seasons, which makes it dependent on the rainy seasons for its existence). Finally, we visited Chacosa and Rincón lagoon, where we caught some stunning trout!

Last but not least, something that blew our minds was that at the beginning of the trip trout were abundant, but this soon changed. We were told it was due to something about the moon phase, so we found out a little more on the topic:

Solunar Fishing: Can Moon Phases Help Your Catch Rate? Solunar fishing calendars have to be one of those polarizing topics in the whole angling community. Many seasoned anglers swear by their moon-centered strategy. They chalk their biggest catches up to the movement of the planet. And it’s pretty common. Major fishing magazines often feature a lunar fishing calendar. There are also dozens of apps available for the same thing.

Lunar Periods: The Best Time to Fish There are four lunar periods each day – two “major,” two “minor.” Major periods last around two hours. They begin when the moon is directly above our heads (so-called “lunar transit”), or right below our feet (“opposing lunar transit”). Minor periods last for about an hour while the moon rises and sets. The idea is that fish become more active at these four times of day.

Fishing in a major moon period couldn’t be simpler. You check your solunar table. It tells you when the moon will be in the best position. You catch lots of big fish. However, it’s fairly obvious that not every day ends with a ton of trophies. With that in mind, there’s one more factor you need to consider – choosing the right moon phase.

Problems with Fishing During a Full or New Moon

Regardless of the bite’s good, you should always be careful when fishing during a full or new moon. This is especially true at night, and especially if you’re fishing from rocks or jetties. In some places around the world, tides can reach as high as 40–60 feet, with water levels rising incredibly fast. Don’t put yourself in danger for the chance of a few more hookups. 

Back where we were… Going to South Patagonia, Argentina (for the biggest Rainbows in the world) is the trip of a lifetime. We recommend doing this trip at least once in your life. Some people may even want to come back every year!

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