El Maitén Lodge


The day started sunny at El Maitén, and then it was a bit windy throughout the day. During the week, the group left the hotel in the morning, and had a wonderful lunch in the river as usual. They fished in the lagoon, and used rod 5 with floating line, streamers with black Jack… They had several pickles right there.


Greg and Clint did some sight casting, and Greg said he caught the best rainbow trout of his entire life! The next day, they went to the mouth of the river where they caught a very nice rainbow trout. After that, they crossed the river and used nymphs, a type of fly called San Juan, and there were very good bites!


The group fished in Trolope lagoon too, Stephan had his first experience doing sight casting, and caught 2 beautiful trout in the morning. At the end of the day, they had an incredible time despite the major storm that came afterwards. They had to run to the lodge, but there they had a relaxing time, drank some wine, and had a wonderful dinner with friends. Last but not least, they had some relaxing massages…


The group was in the lower part of the river, where they practiced a bit of casting. They had improved a lot and got 5 in total. In the afternoon, they were in the upper part of the river in the slides, where they got 8 in total. The day was beautiful, although at the end of the day there was a storm


In the morning, the group left at 8:30 a.m. They went to a lagoon, and used a streamer fly because of the depth of the lagoon. They took 2 beautiful rainbows, and 1 more in the afternoon with an orange streamer. Despite the wind, it was a beautiful day and it was possible to fish anyway until around 5:00 p.m. On the way back, they had some drinks. Griffin and Jesse. 


They did some sight casting in the morning, and according to Greg, he caught the best trout of his life. Clint too. They wanted to come back early for lunch. Then, they were rushed a little bit by their guide so they could take advantage of the nice weather, as the next day was gonna be windy. The guide taught them to look for trout by sight, and they caught a brook and many rainbows... They were very happy! Greg and Clint.


I thought of this as a bucket list trip. We loved it so much, we’re hoping to come back many times. All the Pointer staff feel like family, we love them and are very thankful for the kind service and thoughtfulness always. Thanks, Nandra and Rick Weeks.


After 2 years of delays for covid, we made it! And it was totally worth the wait. Trip of a lifetime. Amazing service, we love you guys. Xoxo Annie, and Stephan.


Great lodge, great fishing, even better people. Thank you for the trip + friendship. Rick Muller.


Incredible time with outstanding fishing. The staff was incredible as well, thanks for a wonderful time. Todd Pitney

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