SANTA FE - San Javier Lodge 2023


Well... we already went to the airport with Nico. We went to pick up five passengers, three flyers, two spinners, or bait. We went with Chelo to San Javier River, we looked for riffles and we started to prepare the equipment. We fished with flies, big flies, the black ones mainly worked with green.


In the first part we fished for half a day. We cast into the riffles and mmediately they pulled something. One of the customers has a Fly shop in the United States, he fished three beautiful large dorados and we took pictures.


It was actually good. At one point we made a triplet, two dorados and another one caught a palometa, so we took pictures with two captures of dorado.




Everything went very well, we fished until 8:00 PM, then started getting back to the lodge. At the end of the afternoon we fished with flies which were a little more weighted and with stronger colors, because it started getting a little hard at the last minute, but at that time one of the group had a beautiful catch that got cut at the end, but everything was very good. The weather was excellent. It rained a little when we were arriving but the customers were very happy.



The fishing today was very good. As for the river, its level went down a lot. We went to a mouth that we had already visited and had done well for us. Immediately, we pulled out two dorados and we saw that they were eating mojarras, so there we got mojarra flies and they started biting more. We had several bites, pulled out quite a few and took some pictures.


The weather was excellent, not too hot.


Then we realized that they started eating down because they were coming from below, so we put flies with a little more ballast, which increased the biting, but we had no palometa.  Yesterday and the day 


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