Once in a Lifetime Experience!

Aaron Smith's group had a great experience in one of our top-notch lodges!

During the first week of February we had the opportunity to host a really speacial group in San Javier Lodge and we are pleased to share their feedback with you:



On behalf of our group I wanted to follow up and extend a big Thank You to the entire Pointer and Beagle Team that helped make our trip possible.  Everyone we dealt with, from pre-trip planning through the end of our stay and return home, was very courteous, responsive, helpful, and simply a pleasure to deal with.  You all made it a truly wonderful experience, and we are all happy we made the trip.  For that we thank you.  


Through the course of our stay and in the days since we’ve returned home, we have compared notes on things we liked about our trip and thought I would share a few common thoughts:


  • The people.  As I mentioned above, every one of your staff was fantastic, and we did not have any negative encounters.  I’m sure I drove the sales team and support staff crazy with all of my questions and back-and-forth emails, but everyone was incredibly patient and wonderful to deal with.  Our staff in San Javier, to include Javier, Joaquin, Monica, guides and field assistants, etc. were all fantastic and helped make for a an enjoyable and memorable experience.  They all represented your team very well.  It also made an impression that Pablo, Ignacio, and Juan were all there at some point.  We had a blast spending time with them.
  • The food.  Everything we had was incredible, and not much else need be said.  Can’t emphasize this enough.
  • Trip coordination.  When we first booked the trip I was unaware of Beagle International.  They quickly reached out, and we ended up using them for help with everything except hotel and dinner reservation for our night in Buenos Aires.  Looking back, I wish I would have used Beagle for help with that as well.  Communication and service was excellent, and it provided a lot of comfort knowing we had someone tracking our trip and a number to call if we had problems."
Thanks for choosing us, Aaron!