Chimehuin River Experience

We woke up at 7am at 3 Rivers Lodge. The sun was already shinning on the sky over the amazing flat mountains in front of the Lodge. We are located in north Patagonia, in the south of Neuquen Province, close to San Martin de los Andes and Chapelco Airport. The Lodge is 40 minutes away from the airport driving a grave road that runs close to the Chimehuin River.

The Chimehuin River starts in the Huechulafquen Lake, where is located the famous Lanin Volcano, an epic mountain that we will be able to see from some parts of the river. The river runs with power in November and it has perfect conditions for sail it and cast from the boat. The river has clear water and you can see the rocks at the bottom. The river has 4 different main areas to sail it, and depending on the fishing and logistics is where we go. We fished from Riscos to 3 Rivers Lodge that is located in the union of the Chimehuin River and the Collon Cura River. 

The down was outstanding, so I sit outside in that dream place with the first coffee of the morning, and I enjoyed that magic view with the river down the valley. There was almost no wind, what made me think: what a great morning!

From the lodge we split the group in 2 different vehicles and we drove half an hour till the river. The guides were Gonzalo and Emiliano, who have more than 10 years guiding in this area with us. We set 3 different rods, 2 #5 rods and 1 #3. We had 2 of them with floating lines and one with a sinking line for some deeper holes. By that time it was around 9:30am and we had the first eclosion of the morning. We were able to see millions of insects flying around the trees and over the water. We call eclosion to the process were the insects become butterflies. And when this happens, normally there is a big action on the river. 

Before jumping on the boat, Emiliano and Gonzalo saw some trout feeding on the surface. Amazing! The morning was a dreamed morning. Nice breeze, no wind, shinny, and great group of people.

We caught a fish on the other bank. Emiliano move the boat fighting with the stream and we were in position; two casts later we had a trout attacking our caddy that was floating in the water. We used some caddies #16 and #18 that worked very well during the eclosion time.

We mostly fly fished the banks on the side of the runs, looking for certain speed of water, and trying to cast just 5 to 10 inches from the bank. It was amazing, but the closer the flies were, the more efficient the fishing was. We have been successful with some fish on the shade areas, under trees or just where big rocks make shadow. We did not fly fish the runs this time of the year. It was also very efficient to cast on the foam, where the water has 2 different speed levels; we had good fishes on those areas too.

We have tried with some attractors PMX and some attractors stimulators; and we have been successful with some Spinner flies in #18. Most of the fish were caught under the willow trees that are in the bank of this river; probably the river with more willow trees of North Patagonia, what makes it very special for the dry fly fishing, normally watching the fish before the cast, what makes a whole different fly fishing experience. 

We hope this report of our last fly fishing experience help you to make a decision about your next fly fishing destination. We are behind the best fly fishing trips, and we will make you have a fly fishing time that will be on the top of your life memories.

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