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In search of the Dorado II

Rio Dulce, Santiago del Estero The key feature that has the Rio Dulce, and why should I consider as a must destination for those who fish Dorados, is that the channel has a speed that allows an extremely pleasant fishing raft, and in turn gives us wading a very nice natural touch in fishing situations.

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Also, by having banks with native woodland which fall in the growing river, the trees provide us with endless fishing situations in each way, leaving hiding places for the stalking of Dorados when they are waiting for their food and forcing the game of precision and dynamism without resulting in something physically exhausting.

Rio Dulce is surrounded by a forest tangled with different shades of green, covered with vines hanging and entering the water which gives a very particular aspect and even exotic to this stretch of the river.

To this we must add that water has an intermediate transparency, conveniently located to fool a fish which is the highest in the food chain of the water ecosystem. The choice of where to fish is fundamental

Fishing techniques from the sum raft is the possibility to rescue rafts flies, it allows us to use tippets of higher strength in order to have higher incidences on the initiative of impaling (entangled in the sticks) that can offer a Dorado. Also the alternative of having a boat next to the place of presentation of the fly, gives us a more accurate and even risky cast by placing the fly in places that in fording mode would be impossible and even from varied angles.

Each time the river has its inevitable fly, and it is determined by nature every day. Please note for tying: 3/0 hooks and steel leader 30 lbs.

There are many matters pending the care and conservation of the river. Unfortunately government policies ignore such question without considering how important it is for the environment the maintenance of an unpolluted pure channel. Luckily the extension of Rio Dulce, its geography of marshes and sandy bed auto preserves it over the years, thanks to the growings given by the rains in the basin.

The worst enemy for this ecosystem is the low flow, which is managed by men, because the irrigation system takes the most important in terms of needs.

The routes vary in distance depending on the level of the flow, yet the average tour is about 12 km daily, doing fishing within the first two hours of the morning (according to season) and then make a midday break with the necessary amenities (tables, chairs, conservative, dishes), a post lunch break, and further activity until sunset; where we expect the transfer back to the hotel. In the months of April / September you can take trips with overnight wild camp between fishing days, it is a 2-day program floated.

The lines to be used are float, intermediate or sinking. This will depend on the temperature of the place where you are fishing. For example: with cold weather in a shallow slide (1 to 1.5 m) you can achieve an outlet with floating line and flies to deepen at least 40 cm in the first round. In deeper slides should be used sinking lines.

Rio Dulce area near the villa Atamisqui has a population really rich in Dorados, but not always achieve many catches only throwing the fly to the water.

Fly should be placed at the front and under the sticks and logs, so we need to be accurate in throwing so the trick pass near the obstacle, deepens quickly and appears in the very face of the Dorado, those who take refuge among the tangle of branches and trunks for stalking his victims. During the launch, the “reach cast” or simple curves are extremely useful to achieve this goal. Approaching and properly settling greatly facilitates not only the distance of casting but also the presentation of our trick. Drifts that literally rub the sticks are the largest piques obtained.

When a rush raises a few centimeters of driftwoods we must act quickly and not let the Dorado turn and get into the arbor. To do this, we must seize the moment of confusion when the fish have nailed it and try to zoom it out as far as we can from the obstacle.

We will be fly fishing the Dulce River again in the next coming days, so we will keep you in the loop.

We recommend using the BUFF UV Dorado which is already established the most important fishing destinations.


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Pablo Aguilo


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