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Cayo largo Cuba Report II

When we had landed in Cayo largo, Cuba, we had been taken to our Melia Sol Club Resort in 10 minutes. There is only 4 hotels and a marina in the Cayos, do not expect night life or shopping. The resort was good enough, great bedrooms, air condition, good showers, cleans, and frigo bar; but no wifi in the rooms.- that lst issue was a big deal for me!

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Part 3

The resort has a lovely beach and a couple of good restaurant, an amazing swimming pool and good food and breakfast. The bar and the bar tenders are amazing. Most of the people at the resort are great. It is a great place to go alone, or with wife, or family. It is a typical all inclusive and easy to enjoy. 

I had enjoy the sausage’s and the omelets in the mornings.  Do not expect a lot of fruit, with mango papaya and pine apple you should be happy. For coffee go to the bar and ask espresso or a coffee late, much much better. 

Eight am you should be ready for a 10 minutes’ drive to the marina, another espresso and ready t go fishing. There is 6 sections on the cayos. They are all good. I had enjoyed the # 4 and #5. But I had made my super grand slam in #3.

I had learned that 4 rods will be the best! One # 8 for bonefish with a floating line. One # 9 or # 10 with floating line for tarpon, and another # 9 or # 10 with slow sinking line for the channels and some deeper areas also for tarpon. And maybe a #9 with a floating line and an Avalon fly always ready for a permit. Do not think ou will have chance to change the lines or leaders in your rods! Forget it! If you are lucky you will change your rod and make one cast! This is fast, do not think twice, just do it. Ad let your guide help.-

One more thing, do not cast till you are sure you see the fish and you can make it. If you try to hard and to long you will do it wrong and then it will be not a second chance with that fish! So always ready, like a boy scout. Go fishing! Make it happen, get them. Have fun and take pictures, and please send it to me.

Who can go to Cuba?

Nico was not fishing the last 15 years and he had a great time and caught a lot of bonefish. Randy had started 4 years ago and was lucky enough to get a super grand slam. Gene I s a good fly fishermen and got bonefish and tarpon. Mauro had more than 40 trips to Cuba in the last 20 years and got 3 permit and a super grand slam, it is not easy. You should see Mauro getting the line out of the rod! Amazing! Myself had a super grand slam but lost 4 over 5 tarpon, they are not easy to hook.- I think I had caught like 6 or 7 tarpon and lost like 25 in t the mangroves. But it was so much fun. Jack, from Engalnd did very good and had good fish almost every day, but he had been many many times in Cuba, probably over 50, and he is known as the legend. 


Part 4

The Legend was my very best friend for 24 hours in Habana. We flew back together. We had a beer and a rhun at 10 am before getting into the small plane (capacity max 50 people). It was a smooth flight and I had been able to see the cays from the air and the areas we have been fly fishing. Amazing!

It sounds stupid but we had dinner and lunch and breakfast in the sam place just in front Capri Hotel in the 21 Habana Restaurant. We had met Lazaro Valdez who is a top singer in Cuba and pretend we have been his fans, my friend Jack is around 75 years old and was pretending he was a singer, amazing! We were like famous people after having every meal in the same place, but shrimps and burgers were amazing’s. 

I recommend every one of you to go to the National Hotel in Habana and get a drink watching the malecom. #2 I will recommend to go to the Hotel Inglaterra and sit outside and get a drink, #3 walk all the Obispo street and get drinks in the little bars. After that you can say officially that you have been in La Habana.

Are you ready for the best salt water in the world? Or at least in the Caribbean? Are you ready for an amazing fly fishing trip? Are you ready to go beyond your expectations? Are you ready to born again? Are you ready to be loose in Habana? Are you ready to feel freedom and passion about life again?

So, contact us and lets start talking about a new dream. I am ready, I had born ready! What about you?


Never stop dreaming!


Tight lines!

Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Outfitters



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