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Golden Dorados in Esquina - Part II

The first thing I heard that morning was the rain on the roof. I couldn’t move. I was still in my warm and comfortable bed, just thinking what would happen with the fishing that day. We need some fish, we wanted to be able to see the monsters of the Parana fighting at the end of our lines.

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We came that far to fight the tiger of the rivers, and we will not surrender before fight for it.

I had started to think about my rain gear because I normally have it all the time with me, but is great to double check, it could be always something missing and when you are that far from the lodge you want to be sure you have all your gear with you.

There are some great water proof Simms baggage that can be very helpful for extra clothes and cameras, passports and money, for this type of days; or if by mistake you drop your bag in the water. We highly recommend them.

The fly fishing area

We had arrived the day before to Esquina, Corrientes, after driving 400 miles and the last afternoon had been poor. But we know and we understand nobody can guarantee fish, otherwise fishing would be boring.

It was the first time for me in Esquina, I had been many many places in Argentina fly fishing either close by to Esquina, but it was my first time. And I had to confess that is not one of the top cities in the country but have a malecom besides the river that is nice. 

The city is famous for 2 things, In January and February many tourists visit Esquina to enjoy the street carnivals; and in March the town hosts the Fiesta Nacional del Pacú, a fishing competition which attracts around 25,000 visitors. The city has around 20.000 people and many fly fishing options.

We had fly fish the Parana area riding south from the city getting into Entre Rios area. We had fly fish the east side of the Parana, that is where Esquina is located, you have to realize the from one side from the river to the other side could be more than 30 minutes by boat, the river have a delta in between sides banks that make it complicated to cross from one side to the other. 


An amazing moment had happened that morning, after casting the banks under a cloudy and windy day, there was a change in the weather and suddenly for like an hour, it was almost calm and a tiny drizzle.-

We were casting the banks, and in a shallow waters where cows drink water from the river, there was one tree, that was fall down on the water. My good friend Lucas saw the area and had tried a longer shoot, probably 45 yards cast, and as soon as the fly hit the water, he started striping the line. 3 seconds after we have seen a big face coming out of the water, and aggressively catched  the fly, the floating line got tense, and Lucas have started his fight with a 28 pounds dorado!!!

Again: 28 pounds Golden dorado!!! Can you believe it!? Amazing.

It took him like 15 minutes fighting with this beautiful fish; that was jumping at the beginning, but then he started trying to go to the bottom, looking for some cover. Every time this fish got a little bit of current, the fight was more aggressive and stronger. Lucas is a very experience fly fisherman and has been many places in the world fly fishing, but he was excited as a kid with his new bike. What an amazing moment.  

Nacho, the guide, did a great job coaching and advising Lucas all time, but always letting Lucas do his work! Nacho is highly recommended as a guide and I am sure every person will enjoy with him.

We have catched  a dozen of fish each, but definitely the 28 pounds dorado was the best of the day. Enjoy pictures and please take 5 minutes to check the amazing video!

Looking forward to take you fly fishing Esquina soon.

You should be the next one!

Pablo Aguilo


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