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Jackpot The Magic Happens Part II

The second spot was the jackpot. We were over a bank, 5 yards over the river. The water was very clear and we saw nice trout moving around.

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The fish were moving from under some plants on the side of the river towards the middle, in the strong currents to get some little insects and then they were coming back under the trees again. They did not take them, we came closer with a couple of casts that were longer. The fly was in the right place but they did not come up. What was wrong with them?!

So we let the the fly go by with the current and when it was getting close by the trees we saw the fish coming out from under some plants and grab the fly. We just set the hook very smoothly and sweet. We saw the line and it was a very nice fish, good for us! He did not run down the water where there were lots of algae, and I was very thankful for that. He came up stream where we got more space to fight with him and to try to get him on the net. To make the story short, we got this fish with a nice fly and a rod number 3.

The win was not bad at all, this was early morning, about 10 am and we got the chance to get this trout that was about 19 inches, with a small rod and a dry line, 15 feet leader.


It was so relaxing and so much fun. Even for the expert guide Eduardo and for me that morning. 


After that fish we took 5 minutes to have a drink, we sat on the bank and we just enjoyed the beauty of the surroundings. We thought, “maybe this could be enough for the day,” but you know how it happens in fly fishing...

5 minutes after you go, “well, maybe I should get back and get another one.” And 10 minutes later you’re not longer “well…..” you go “ I definitely need to get another one! I wanna live this experience again!” so ten min later we were walking and wading the river again.


The second beautiful fish of the day… I do not remember if it was Eduardo or me who saw it first. I dont even remember how we got it, to be honest. But what I do remember is how big the fish was! When we saw it moving in the clear water, when he was hooked in our dry fly, it was a very colorful rainbow and very aggressive. I remember Eduardo saying “it’s a monster, it’s a huge fish! Don’t lose it!,” Ok, when you’re fishing and your guide is telling you that in your ears… I got to confess that, you know, you feel the pressure! But at the same time you feel the joy of having the chance to fight with this fish and try to get it into the net. I dont remember, again, if it was me or Eduardo who was shouting “yeahhh got it, well done!!!”

 I took a couple of pictures and we thought, “yeah, this is going to be a good memory for the trip.” And it definitely was because it was one of the fish that Juan posted first on facebook and sent to our friends via whatsapp. What great memories we made in this river!


Check out the pictures of this colorful trout, such a beauty!

Stay tunned for more fishing adventures. Patagonia has so much to offer in its many rivers and creeks. Dont miss it!


Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Outfitters



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Tierra del Fuego is considered as one of the great destinations for catching trout. This place has kept a certain degree of mysticism that is a magnet for any adventurer who craves a unique and unrepeatable experience. And although life does not abound on the terrestrial level, for some years now its waters keep an infinity of fish species, or large sizes and varieties, which have transformed this remote stage in an internationally recognized place for sports fishing and fishing with fly. #patagonia #flyfishinglife #fishing #trout #argentina #pointeroutfitters #explore #aroundtheworld #outside #outsiders

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