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The Biggest Dorado Caught in Tsimane

“It was late season for Tsimane Lodge and we were fishing upstream on the Secure River. We came upon one of the big deep holes on the river and saw several large Dorados rolling. I had been doing best fishing the faster water while my partner, Patrick, had been doing best working the deeper runs.

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He set up to try the deeper water with a sinking set up while I went toward some shallower riffles with a popper. I spotted a smaller Dorado feeding on my side of the river and quickly caught it. I saw a fairly small pillow of water on the far side of the river and decided it was worth a cast before moving up the riffle. As soon as my custom crease fly landed, a Dorado rose and ate it like a trout eating a mayfly before I had even twitched it. I got a good hook set and the fish turned into the fast water and ran downstream. At this point we had no idea of the size of the fish. We had landed several nice fish already, the biggest being a nice 13kg fish Patrick landed. Then my fish decided to hit the air and we all knew it was a big one when it was obviously larger then any we had seen. After four nice jumps and some serious pulling near shore, Juan Pablo, our guide, tailed the fish. After some quick measurements, it was announced at over 18kg. Juan Pablo said it was the biggest Dorado he has seen. We were all excited about the catch, but knew it was a good one when the Chief of the Tsimane tribe wanted to be in some photos with us”


Courtesy of Tsimane Lodge, Untamed Angling.



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