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My First Fly Fishing Dorado Part II

Dream was getting true. We took, in between both of us, like about 30 wolf fishes in those 90 minutes. And I’m saying “getting true” because I still wanted to caught a Golden Dorado. As far as Wolf Fish I was more than satisfied!

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-Ok, I think I’m ready for round 2. What do you think Fabi?

-More than ready buddy! Let’s go!

We cleaned everything up, put the snackss bags and the empty cans in a big bag and hold it with one of our bags. Even though it was not that windy, we didn’t want that bag to end into the water.

I was planning to fish some dorados now but as soon as I picked up my rod I couldn’t resist the idea to waste five more minutes changing the fly, so I thought: “Lets do some casts here and I will change the fly after a few more fish”.

I was casting for my third or fourth fish when we suddenly heard a noise from the river.

-Wow! Why don’t you try it! said Fabian while I was still watching him making a lot of noise in the water, having just the same thoughts.

-But I have a rat (Wolf Fish fly). Why don’t you try it, you have a different fly?

-Don’t worry, it would work anyway (If a guide tells you to do something, just do it. They know by far much more than you).

I did not hesitate, not even for a second. I took the rat out from the water pick the line in my left hand and walked those 40 yards. 

I did my cast but the Fly fell a little left from where I expected it to be. 

-Mmmm, I need it a little more to the right, I said to Fabian.

-No no, that’s a good one!! 

As soon as he finished saying that the fish jumped into that rat as if it was his last meal on earth. My heart was getting out of my chest!! My first Dorado ever and I was fishing it in a place where we seemed to be the last two guys in the world. Surrounded by a lot of water and a small muddy/sandy coast with a guy (guide & friend) I met 3 years ago, whom I appreciate as very few souls in this world. 

Yes, I caught this little fellow. It is the one I am in the picture crouched. The one with the rat (fly) in his mouth. It must be one of the smallest Golden Dorados you might hav ever seen. But it is not for his size that I took this picture but because it was my first Fly Fishing Dorado. And despite this, it was enough reason to keep this memory for ever, it was because how we fished it that I decided this image to be a representation of one of my greatest experiences in my life. A memory I do not want easily to be gone. 

“Every fish is special in his own way” (as a very good friend told me a few years ago). And I found some magic in this Dorado that I thought I would never find in a fish. It’s difficult to explain and I’m not saying it’s the best fish to fly cast, of course. First of all because I don’t think there is a fish that can be much better than others for fishing. And second, because I still have a long list of new fish to catch. What you might find is a species that enrich your soul in his own and special way. This Golden Dorado touched my soul in a way no other fish did it before. And again, it is not because of the fish itself; “it’s team work”.



September, Saturday 23th: I woke up like every Saturday and went to bed like a very few ones. Life is about having much more of these Saturdays!!

I hope, If you got this far, you have had enjoyed my little story about my first & small but very wild Golden Dorado. 

And remember: Fly fishing is not about the size of the fish (even though we ALWAYS want the biggest one). It’s about where you are fishing and with who you are fishing.

Stay safe and do what you love.


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