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Time to Celebrate

On Friday 29th of December Bob and Craig Collins arrived at Chapelco airport in Patagonia. It was a rainy and windy day, a little bit off weather to say welcome to our guests...

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But after they checked in at Casona del Alto lodge they decided to go fishing all the same, try some luck, wet some flies at the Malleo River. They went to the middle upper section and they had a successful fishing session which lasted 3 to 4 hours.

They caught some big fish including a 20 inch brown trout caught by Craig and broke off a couple of bigger fish. Bob also landed a number of rainbow trout of about 17 inches. So they had a really good start of the trip! They returned to Casona del Alto afterwards for a nice welcome dinner at the lodge. Casona del Alto is a magnificent place in Patagonia, run by its owners, who guarantee a great service with the comfort of a home. The lodge overlooks The Andes and the Chapelco mountain range giving our guests the chance to experience the astonishing scenery of the area.

The second day of the trip Bob and Craig floated a section of the middle Alumine River and they got a number of 18, 19 inches of rainbows and browns on small dry flies. They were working slow back ace and foam lines, where they were sight fishing for fish sipping the small flies from the surface. The weather conditions were amazing, sunny beautiful day, with high temperature of 78 degrees. In the afternoon that day, it got quite windy, remaining from yesterday’s storm.

Lake Lolog was the plan for the third day, we got there by motor boats, in the west end of the lake where a lot of the good structure for the trout is, they had a very productive day, specially with dry flies with a lot of sight fishing action. They landed over 35 trout between the two of them!!! All rainbow trout ranging 15 to 20 inches and including quite a few nice brown trout, with one marking up to 21 inches, and they even landed a brook trout on the lake!

Day 4 coincided with New Year’s day! Our guests chose the best way to kick off the year. They got out for the venture of floating for two days the Caleufu river and then staying overnight in a deluxe camp, to continue floating the river on the next day. This is an amazing experience where there’s non stop action targeting rainbows and browns, but in this river, specially a lot of brown trout. We were using all day long big attractor dry flies and the action was amazing. Lots of fish, from medium to small size, 14 to 16 inches, but also many large fish, between 18 to 22 inches. So the action was nonstop.

The night of the first of January, they enjoyed the beautiful camp. At our arrival we found everything ready. From beautiful firewood to a comfortable camp equipped with toilet, hot shower tent, dinning tent and sleeping tent. The Argentine traditional asado for dinner had been prepared and there was a selection of drinks to enjoy the unique opportunity of being camping in such a renowned place as Patagonia.

On the second day they got ready to continue fishing. They came across a hatch of catfish, so the surface of the river was boiling with trout and they landed a great number of fish on small flies and light gear. They had a blast! That night, they returned to Casona del Alto lodge to spend the night before heading to the dove capital: Cordoba was waiting for them with two days of wingshooting, million birds and non stop action!

They arrived to Cordoba that night. They had been hunting there with us the previous year and decided that Craig’s graduation was a good occasion to celebrate.
Their days in Patagonia were filled with trout fishing and the amazing scenery of the place. This is a great time to visit Patagonia, and these two destinations constitute a great Cast and Blast combo!

Come to Argentina to experience great fishing and million doves!

You should be the next one!

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Tierra del Fuego is considered as one of the great destinations for catching trout. This place has kept a certain degree of mysticism that is a magnet for any adventurer who craves a unique and unrepeatable experience. And although life does not abound on the terrestrial level, for some years now its waters keep an infinity of fish species, or large sizes and varieties, which have transformed this remote stage in an internationally recognized place for sports fishing and fishing with fly. #patagonia #flyfishinglife #fishing #trout #argentina #pointeroutfitters #explore #aroundtheworld #outside #outsiders

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