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Fly Fishing in Abaco Bahamas Part II

Talking about the fishing, I’d like to say that Max is a crazy, enthusiastic person passionate about fly fishing. He told me stories about Greenland Fly Fishing, which seems to be amazing!

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He showed me pictures and told me about the four years he has been working with Peter, how nice it is to work with him, too. I also met Robin, who was my guide that day, in the water, great guide. A bahamian with more than 20 years experience in the boats in here in the bahamas, poling for the guests and making them get fish.
So after that morning, which was very very tough, 70% cloudy and 30% sunny, it took us like three hours to see the first fish.

It sho good when you sightsee fish and you have the chance to cast 10, 20 yards and try to see and guess where the fish is gonna go and try to hook him.

I told you it was windy, didn’t i? So my cast was not 100% accurate, but it was good enough to get at least 50 percent of the fish I was able to put a good fly. Very tough day, we got like three beautiful fish and Max got one. We probably saw 8 other and more that we were not able to get. The action was great for two hours that afternoon, and that action made my day. At 3 oclock Max had to do some things so I told him it was ok if he wanted to get back to the lodge, I also wanted to go there and have a good talk with Peter. So after a good afternoon fishing we decided to go back to the lodge.

The following day I had planned to fly fish with my good friend Mark, who had the fishing organized with Danny, a freelance guide who helps at the lodge sometimes. He took us further north, close to Marsh Harbour, and we had a great, great morning because the weather conditions were great that morning. It was sunny 90% of the time and it was not that windy. We saw many, many school of fish and we were able to catch 8, between both of us in just half a day. We decided to quit half day and go to a nice restaurant for lunch at the Abaco Windy Bay. We saw fish almost all morning. You know usually you have times here and there when you dont see any fish, but I have to say that we saw many fish and we were able to cast at least to 10 fish. They were not as big as the first day, because we were fishing in an area where there’s more fish, and because of that their size is smaller. In the place I fished with Max on the first day, it was a special place, kind of secret place where they took me, about 20 minutes away from Delphi Bahamas. We were driving and Robin was waiting for us at the dock where we would start our boat ride. In that place on the first day we saw fish, but the fish were bigger, I would say 6 to 8 pounds, while on the second day the fish was 2 to 4 pounds, no more, but the action was very interesting.

So after a great day and a great meal I was on my own in my room, a beatiful room with air conditioning and splendid views of the harbour, a very nice fan on the cieling and great wi fi connection, water, big bathroom, big and comfortable beds. I slept like a king. There’s nothing bad I can say about the lodge, and there are no words to speak well enough about it either. Also, I’d like to say this place is super clean. It also has a TV room with nice, comfortable couches and a big living room with two or three seating areas so that not all the guests have to be sitting around the same table, if  there are two or three different groups at the same time they can have their own space. I took many photos and even though I’ve said before that the energy and atmosphere of the place is really important, I hope you can see from the pictures how great this place is and the experience you’ll have when you get here.

The fishing is from the boat 95% of the time. There’s almost no wading but you can fish from the boat all day long. If you’d like to do some wading fishing, they can take you to do that, too. Most of the areas are sandy, you just need some sandy Simms wading boots and that would be perfect. You can also use the regular boots with neoprene socks that we use in the Dorado fishing or when we get waders. You need long trousers that dry quickly, long sleeves shirts and sunblock. And of course, the best polarized sun glasses that you can find to have the best view in the water.

One of the top notch things about Abaco Island is that there is a guy called Pete wo has a bar. I would recommend any person who comes to the Bahamas to organize a trip to Pete’s pub. It’s about 30 minutes from the lodge but it is worth it. It’s right in front of the ocean and it’s an open space, the harbour marina and it’s a beautiful place to be in. It’s said that in May and June it is packed with people and it’s close by to Abaco Winding Bay. The golf course there is amazing too. Probably ranked, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I  was able to do 9 holes with the pros and with the general manager of the golf course, and we had a great time and they made me feel amazing, because the golf course and the people were amazing. So when you think about Bahamas, dont just think about the fishing, it could be good to take a day off and play some golf with an amazing view of the ocean.

Ah! And I almost forgot it. We used some beautiful flies, when the water was more than 3 feet high we used like small crabs with iron eyes so that it got heavier and sank faster.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this report and you join us in the next trip to Bahamas, which is probably going to be in April or May.

You should be the next one!

Pablo Aguilo 

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