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A Memorable Fly Fishing Trip With Friends

March sounds like a perfect month to go fishing with people you really like to spend time with. On this occasion, my friends and I went on a two-day amazing fly fishing trip to the huge Parana River, which is one of the primary area of the Golden Dorado fishing hotspot. The Parana River is the second largest watercourse in South America, after the Amazon, with a total length of over 3000 miles. It's an incredible place!

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Argentina Golden Dorado is a rare game fish known for its unique beauty, ferocious fighting, explosive runs, and tarpon-like acrobatics. Though the fish has been famous among South American anglers for quite some time, very few outsiders had even heard of the Golden Dorado - let alone fished for them. In the last 10 years, however, the Dorados reputation as one of the worlds best freshwater fighters went global. Today, adventurous anglers from around the world are flocking to South America in pursuit of this magnificent game fish. 

My friends and I stayed in Puerto Piragua, a cozy cottage resort in Entre Rios, situated 12 miles to the East of the city of Florencia. We planned to go fly fishing very early in the morning so that we can really make the most of the day.replicas relojes At 6 am we got in the boat and we fished for about 5 hours. As regards equipment, we used black and orange flies and equipment number 9. WE WERE LUCKY! We could catch ten large Golden Dorados weighing between 11 and 13 pounds. 

Our guests usually choose this destination to experience the copious natural wealth and beauty of the region, and above all, because the fishery there is extraordinary. In some areas, you may catch Golden Dorados weighing as much as 22 pounds! It’s unbelievable. This only happens in the Parana River, that’s why this trip is just perfect for expert and passionate fly fishers. 

My friends and I stopped for lunchtime and then we went on fishing again until 4 in the afternoon. While floating down the Parana River, we could appreciate the native flora and fauna in the water and along the banks of the river as well. We were lucky as we had the chance to see monkeys, toucans, caimans and different species of snakes – many of them as big as anacondas! 

At this time of year, the weather is usually too hot and humid so there is an incredible number of mosquitos in the area. Therefore, I recommend you wear long-sleeve and quick dry tees, fleece wading pants, and don’t forget to apply insect repellent on your skin and clothing to avoid bites and enjoy this amazing outdoor experience. 

On the last day of fishing we had a great time,replicas de relojes though we had to return to the lodge earlier due to the number of mosquitos in the air.

It’s been a short but exciting trip to the Parana River, and we are already planning to go back!

You should be the next one! 


Federico Silva

Pointer Outfitters 



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