Also known as Siberian taimen, Siberian giant trout, and Siberian salmon, is a species of fish in the salmon family (family Salmonidae) of order Salmoniformes.

The taimen appears to be the largest salmonid in the world, being heavier at average and maximum sizes than the largest North American salmonid, the chinook salmon. Most mature fish caught weigh from 15 to 30 kg. The average length is from 70 to 120 cm. The maximum length is about 150 to 180 cm (59 to 71 in). 




In Mongolia, the taimen is found in both the Arctic and Pacific drainages, specifically the Yenisei/Selenga, the Lena, and the Amur River Basins. The taimen lives in flowing water and is only occasionally found in lakes, usually near the mouth of a tributary. The taimen is not anadromous, but does show increased movement rates during the spawning season.



Adult taimen are mainly piscivores, though they frequently eat terrestrial prey such as rodents and birds.


Geer and equipment

Rods – 8 to 10wt, 9’0” to 10’0” or if you want to use a spey rod, I would use a 13’0”-14’0”, 8-10wt rod.

The reason why I like a single-handed rod more for Taimen is sometimes the Spey rod anglers miss the opportunities at close range. Furthermore, it’s really difficult to set the hook on some of the long-range casts you’re making with Spey rods. You have to set the hook like for a saltwater fish, by strip setting-which can be difficult if not downright unwieldy with a long Spey rod. Conversely, if you have an injury that inhibits long casts or is inexperienced with casting big flies all day the double handers do help you cover great amounts of water with ease.


Matching 8-10wt reels (Because these fish are the alpha predator in the river they will normally swim towards you and try and inspect what is going on. I have had fish make long runs, but typically a very dogged fight, and they do jump)


You will need one rod rigged with a full floating line and one rod with a sink tip or full sink. (Cortland 450 Deep Salt)


We use 40lbs Maxima Ultra Green for a butt section and 25lbs Maxima Ultra Green as the tippet. The fish are not leader shy, and if you hook a 130cm fish or bigger, you will want to pull hard. I have always kept my leader set up basic with maxima ultra green, as it is damn strong. You can probably use fluorocarbon- I don’t think it makes a difference- it is up to you. Fluorocarbon might affect the floating flies, but again that is all very minimal differences.


We will have everything you need for flies, and we tie flies every night. So don’t stress about it. But if you would like to tie, big squirrels, Game changers, T-Bones, Cyclopes… Basically, Musky style flies, with lots of material, articulations, and plenty of material!


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