Pacific Salmon

Pacific salmon have a dynamic life cycle that includes time in fresh and saltwater habitats. These fish are born in freshwater streams and rivers, migrate to coastal estuaries, then enter the ocean where they mature. They usually return as adults to the same streams where they were born to spawn and begin the cycle again. Fishing for Pacific Salmon can be a fabulous experience for any fly fisherman. There are some varieties of Pacific Salmon like Chinook, Coho, Chum, Sockeye and pink Salmon that can be fished depending on the season of the year. Pointer Outfitters, offers you the best lodges to stay during this incredible experience, come and visit us to prove it.


Pacific Salmon like other species is exciting. How your fly is presented to the fish is what matters. It's far more important to be careful about the fly swing speed and the depth at which the fly is swinging, pay attention to those things when you're fly fishing this challenging  and impressive fish.


Freshwater streams, rivers, coastal estuaries, ocean.

Gear and Equipment


Rod choice for Pacific Salmon varies between location, whether an angler will use a single or double hand tod, and what techniques they´ll be using. #8#9 #10 weight rods will be useful because they have to be strong enough to bring the adventurer and challenging Pacific Salmon to the surface.


The ideal salmon reel should combine the following features: it shouldn’t be too light because especially big double handed fly rods need a proper counterweight to be perfectly balanced. Drag becomes esential when deciding which reel is adecuate for you.


The flies you will use depends on weather the fish are winter or summer, 

Some tips to keep in mind:



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