Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon is found in the northern Atlantic Ocean and in rivers that flow into this ocean. This species can be found from June through September in the northern hemisphere. Most populations of this fish species are anadromous, hatching in streams and rivers but moving out to sea as they grow where they mature, after which the adult fish seasonally move upstream again to spawn. Pointer Outfitters offers you the best opportunity to experience Salmon Fly Fishing.


Fishing for Salmon like other types of fishing can be challenging. How your fly is presented to the fish is very important. In fact, It's more relevant than the exact pattern that you choose. It's far more important to be careful about the fly swing speed and the depth at which the fly is swinging, pay attention to those things when you're fly fishing this acrobatic and incredible fish.


Freshwater rivers, streams, lakes, open bays, coastal waters.



Rod choice for Atlantic Salmon varies between location, whether an angler will use a single or double hand tod, and what techniques they´ll be using. #7 #8#9 rods are the most commonly used weights of single hand, switch, and spey rods to target Atlantic Salmon, and can be found in many different rod series.


The ideal salmon reel should combine the following features: it shouldn’t be too light because especially big double handed fly rods need a proper counterweight to be perfectly balanced. Otherwise, an unbalanced rod is an unnecessary burden that weakens your performance.


Some tips to keep in mind:
  • Every Salmon fisherman has his own variants of famous patterns and personal favourites.
  • The colour of your fly should always match the tone of the river. For example, the classic "Willie Gun combination“ – yellow, orange and black – has proven to be very successful in tea-coloured water. By the way, black flies should never be missing in your fly box.
  • The size of the fly depends on the water temperature. Cold water at the beginning of the season demands bigger flies, while small flies can be super effective during the warm summer months. 
  • The shininess of the fly should be influenced by the lighting conditions and the clarity of the water. 


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