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Dorados in Juramento River Salta Part I

I met David Wampler many years ago. We have been friends for more than 10 years and we have been talking about doing some fly fishing together for quite a while. Finally, last year at the booth in Dallas at the Dallas convention we decided to go do some scout and research and some fly fishing for Dorado.

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The Biggest Dorado Caught in Tsimane

“It was late season for Tsimane Lodge and we were fishing upstream on the Secure River. We came upon one of the big deep holes on the river and saw several large Dorados rolling. I had been doing best fishing the faster water while my partner, Patrick, had been doing best working the deeper runs.

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Latest News From The Land of Giants

After spending a week on Astove Atoll and a few days on Alphonse Island, our group of guests ended their mammoth trip with a grand finale on Cosmoledo Atoll.

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Wraping Up The Peacock Season

Bem Vindo, Peacock Fans, to the final installment for the 2016-17 season of the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. Unseasonable rains have continued throughout the last week leading the river to approximate wet-season conditions.

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Jackpot The Magic Happens Part II

The second spot was the jackpot. We were over a bank, 5 yards over the river. The water was very clear and we saw nice trout moving around.

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Jackpot The Magic Happens Part I

Today Sanjua, whose name is Eduardo but his nickname is Sanjua, will be my guide in this amazing river that now I can tell you blew up my mind. We drove around the northern part of Neuquen, we crossed a beautiful lake, we got into Parque Nacional Lanin.

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The Amazing Tigerfish Part II

At 7 am I arrived at Dar es Salaam, capital of Tanzania. This country has 40 millions of people. Out of that number, the majority are black guys and native to Tanzania. I would say that only one percent of people who come to this country do it for business and/or pleasure. And I was one of them!

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The Secret River in Patagonia

The next morning at Casa de Campo we all met in the breakfast room for a hot coffee and to get ready for an amazing day at the Secret River. We were there like at quarter to eight and Daniel, the lodge owner, was waiting there for us.

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The Long Awaited Launch

After months of planning and a major refit, A’mani was finally ready for its maiden 10 day charter to various islands in the Amirante chain. The schedule was set to capitalize on the amazing bluewater gamefishing as well as phenomenal flats fly fishing that the Southern Amirantes has to offer.

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Conservation in Action

This is an exceptional fish, by any standards, but there is a lot more to this fish than its size. Estimated at 45 kilos, this is the biggest cubera that we have landed in Gabon on lure, off the beach.

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Quillen River Back After 20 Years

Finally after 20 years I got the chance to come back, to fly fish again at the Quillen River in the province of Neuquen in Argentina. We went there from Cordoba by car, we drove almost a for a full day till we got to the Alumine area where we had organized to stay at the famous Casa de Campo for 5 nights…

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Tanzania Tigerfish Season 2016 Final Week

Although the 2016 season has been a relatively short and compact edition, a cursory flick through the previous blogs was a good reminder of how lively and eventful it has been, and also went a long way to explaining why the guides team was digging so deep into energy reserves going into the last week!

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Tierra del Fuego is considered as one of the great destinations for catching trout. This place has kept a certain degree of mysticism that is a magnet for any adventurer who craves a unique and unrepeatable experience. And although life does not abound on the terrestrial level, for some years now its waters keep an infinity of fish species, or large sizes and varieties, which have transformed this remote stage in an internationally recognized place for sports fishing and fishing with fly. #patagonia #flyfishinglife #fishing #trout #argentina #pointeroutfitters #explore #aroundtheworld #outside #outsiders

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