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Working Hard in Patagonia - Part II

We woke up early in the morning the next day. It was another great day. Sunny, the sun was out at that time already, we were at Spring Creek Lodge and the plan for that day was to go fishing to Collon Cura river. We had breakfast, great coffee but even greater was the view.

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Patagonia Is Always A Good Idea - Part I

We arrived to Junin de Los Andes with Juan and met a great group of friends, Mark, David, Pat and Mitch.They were waiting for us at the lodge since they had arrived a day earlier than us. They had been doing some sightseeing in Buenos Aires, organized by Cici from our travel and Leisure department.

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The Famous Redfish at the Woodland Plantation

This early November we had the chance to experience and enjoy the famous red fish in Louisiana. With a group of 7 people, we stayed at the Woodland Plantation, just a couple of minutes before getting to Venice. Here we experienced winter time fly fishing for redfish.

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Fly Fishing in Abaco Bahamas Part II

Talking about the fishing, I’d like to say that Max is a crazy, enthusiastic person passionate about fly fishing. He told me stories about Greenland Fly Fishing, which seems to be amazing!

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Fly Fishing in Abaco Bahamas Part I

Hello! In this occasion I’d like to talk about a great experience, an amazing experience in The Delphi Bahamas Club, in the island of Abaco, Bahamas. I was there in December fly fishing for Bonefish, everything started when my good friend Mark Birkbeck invited me to come to Marsh Harbour to visit him.

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Time to Celebrate

On Friday 29th of December Bob and Craig Collins arrived at Chapelco airport in Patagonia. It was a rainy and windy day, a little bit off weather to say welcome to our guests...

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The Summit of My Trip - Bolivia Part V

I was with Miguel, I had never had pacu before when fishing in Argentina for Dorado. Miguel took me to an area and said, man, in this area there will be Pacu. The thing is, you got to fly cast in this direction, like 45 degrees, where the current was intense and let it drift.

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The Diarrhea Issue and Lost Fish - Bolivia Part IV

We don’t know what it was but after those two hot days three of us had severe diarrhea and Mark was kind of dehydrated. The exposure to the sun, the mosquitos, and specially not drinking enough water. I got my diarrhea, too. I took the pills and I was feeling better the following day.

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Redemption - When Magic Happens - Bolivia Part III

Second day was superb. On this second day I went with Rell. It was a long time since we had been fishing together in Argentina. Or maybe it wasn’t such a long time but you know, time flies…It’s hard to keep track of it, it’s really unpredictable. I was full of energy and I was hoping to have…

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Frustration Day - Bolivia Part II

Probably one of the hottest days I’ve experienced in my life when fly fishing. It was probably hotter than the worse days in Cuba. The water was really warm and during the day, really hot. Probably 39 C and the water temperature was close to 30 degrees.

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We Finally Made it for Dorados in Bolivia - Part I

It has been an amazing week. I’m currently at Camino Real Hotel in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. After 7 days fly fishing in Tsimane for the amazing Dorados in the jungle.

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The largest Giant Peacock Bass ever caught on fly

Florian Kaiser and Breno Ballesteros spend a unique week jungle angling Rio Marié in the Amazon Basin of Brazil with Untamed Angling during the 2016 2017 season. We will be featuring Florian’s travelogue of his angling ventures in a seven-part travel journal. This is part five.

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